Ballad For The Petty & the Scholarwood Bee:

What did I remember that I had prior forgot; &, upon thinking “hey-don’t forget – “, immediately then forgot?

anon, anon(KRO)

Caught up with Xeno

Standing there, snarling beast-eyed

and in a state of quickening.

Suspensed by imagination,

frozen & forever in the endlessness of one instant,

just like Achilles, never catching a tortoise in

a race that took place only in Xeno’s mindseye.

That Rat Bastard (you know the one)

My musling is a Rat Bastard,

literally the rodent spawn of an out-of-wedlocker, and

figuratively, the asshole confessor priest and frenemy,

anon, anon.

But, Boy, can he dance and

how beautiful he sings!

The Ocean Was There

lnexorable is the Ocean, as is the beating and cut of my heart.

No entreaty can yield Its unyielding.

It & I remain ceaseless in Our relentlessness.

The Ocean makes neither demand upon nor encroachment toward

the shore of my heart

– yet both shoreline and waves never cease their enjoined shifting.