Watch “Ike & Tina Turner – Proud Mary | 1971” on YouTube

Do not own rights, just paying mad homage.

Many have done Proud Mary but few compare to this reinterpretation.

Creole delta blues babe!

Dealing with TimeS shifting arrow

Incorrect to assume that time is one dimensional.

Let’s imagine 2D time in the pic below

Vector. Precession. Equinox.

Circadian. Cellular time.


*rotation of fixed stars (!) and precession of the equinoxes

, seasons on the planet, circadian rhythms of daylight and darkness, evidenced by cellular time.

Here we encounter the challenge of extrapolating between these two dimensions.

Eventually may we reconcile our eternal being with our transiency.

>the Mind bypasses its middle range, dismisses the conditioning it has been subjected to.

Eternal being : transciency?

Seed : plant?

Seeds: DNA remains constant, mutating very slowly if at all.

Plants: which unfolds the seed in an incomparably faster time sequence.

I try to imagine absorbing cosmic energy on inhale, as

–converging inward–

by repeating space inverted in a vacuum inside.

Space only has meaning for matter.

Perhaps at transcendent levels of our thinking-space is irrelevant.

A gradual transitions between extremes and expectations

Inverting (space)

Imagine this, yo!

Na koja abad.

The space out of space.

refers to “a condition out of space”

Sounds a lot like an HP Lovecraft story

by-dint-of = words of truth.

Sage and Bre(a)thren: sage is also an aromatic herb and brethren sounds like breath.

I’m not the artist below. I dont know the artist below. But a supplier does.

Control of/and Breath….found notes of mine

Control of breath = 1st goal.

Enables a way to modulate (alchemical correspondance found in this) emotional involvement with the ambient circumstances.

A means towards organizing our mental processes.

In the hope of finally regulating one’s thinking at various levels of will. (correspondance yo hermetic tradition here found)

A concept considered makes great sense to me today whereas two months ago it did not.

Catabolic / Anabolic / Metabolic

Hibernate……? Surely not just yet.

We all fall down

Resiliency. I have seen the light and I’m crowing, to quote the great Muhammad Ali.

Cristian Mihai

In the great movie “The Lion in Winter”, Richard and his brothers Geoffrey and John are waiting to be executed by their father, King Henry II of England.

Richard says, “He won’t get any satisfaction out of me. He won’t see me beg.”

To which Geoffrey replies, “You chivalric fool! As if the way one fell down mattered.”

Richard offers a brilliant answer: “When the fall is all there is, it matters.”

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