Watch “David Live 1974 full album” on YouTube

David Live 1974 full album:

Cheers to nickreeves, who suggested a song that led to my discovering this.

Wowza canowza. Aem still digesting but had to spread the words ASAP.

No rights owned, mad homage being paid.

The woods have eyes too… he, he

Slightly aggressive, especially if feeling

Partially cornered

Total arousal of senses. Endocrine ; adrenaline ; spite but not smite at The Smug who think shes blind.

Eyes cutting sidewards, upwards to the left or downwards

i.e. any way but candidly.

Only one mouse spoke words to make her honest shudders occur.

UnLike the ignorant liars, soothsayers, mad pipers, would be priors, et al.

Facading smile worn in protection of someone or something. Such a precious, protective pretense should be judged not.

We keep Stretching until tendons roll over bits of lingering softness.

Until ligaments distend symmetricaly and transform that which was almost unrecognizable into something that is inexorably unrecognizable.

Gravity is Relative is Perspective is Obectively Subjective

Gravity is invariably variable.

People look incredulous at this assertion, but love hearing about the moon.

It’s not wrong or untrue to say howling at the moon is more appealing than Feeling gravity.

I can point at the point.

I can ellucidaye the gravity.

But it must be walked, its weight felt,

The effect on body in motion and body not in motion.

Inaction cannot be taken for granted


From F&W dic aka tha best of my four.

I. vb To construct a bridge or bridges over ; span ; get over ; pass.

II. n.

1. A structure erected to AFFORD PASSAGE ACROSS A WATERWAY or the like ; a raised support.

2. An observational~platform or partial deck BUILT ACROSS AND ABOVE a ship’s deck for the use of the officers, the pilot, etc.

3. (1) Auction bridge.


4. Something likened to a bridge.

More in pic below

Watch “James Brown – Soul Power. 1971 (12″ Long Version)” on YouTube

Dont own rights, paying mad homage.

Soul Power reminds me of Bowie/Ziggy’s Soul Love

Give it to me, put it back

Can we go to the bridge now?

I wanna go to the bridge… too!

I wanna get under your skin.

Gotta feeeeyeeel it.

I need help, I cant do it alone

Come back for more, say it again, come back for more.

Say it again!

You, ball on tha bound, you gotta get down.

You heard him, do your lil thing.

It was a day

Like most other days, the sky still hung overhead but this day it did so with pink and blue colors, giving the impression of sunset first thing in the morning.

The sun championed itself again, and did not hide.

The leaves outside change and changed again.

Even the leaf in my study, the one I collected from the forest months ago, the yellow one with the tiny green dot, continued to change.