I Slept Like A Champ Yesterday.

I woke up and thanked you.

“The rhythms fell slow,” one of us said.

The other one of us immediately noted the line was not being spoke in the original sense.

Bespoke all over again

I laugh at this to give myself another opportunity to smile up at you.

I had to handle errands.

marginalia: see how easy errand goes errant

but there was nothing to doubt, dear.

I narrated to you.

(I narrate for you)

Even when time’s changes and the earth’s rotations

make it impossible to know where or when you are.

even when you are not there or here,

when you could not know you were there….

unless…but who could be that magical really?


I know you are


I am.

(any reading thereof)

I hope your feet are warm.

It rained.

It stopped.

It remains grey.

The mountains are obscured by clouds.

You coulda gone weeks without knowing they were there at all

I suspect

back when our opposable thumbs were still novels

Hey there’s an attractive Japanese couple to my right.

waiting for the light to cross on foot

made me wish I was on foot

they are young compared to us

they laugh and smile and gesture wildly.

Now I’m smiling.

They pretend to be sign twirlers for some surreptitious business or affair,

spinning the invisible boards. dropping it, kicking it back up and catching it on their backs

It’s good panto. I can see it. The invisible they indicate.

I dream they are trying to indicate you to me.

It’s Not A Stretch

Tendons turn before hips.

Calves cramp before pointes.

Ligaments lech over muscles.

Impeccable imbecile.

Lovely Repetition.

That is the first secret.

you tell me the second

(and third);

and, I’ll tell you if I already knew that


Vitamin C(an) D(o)

My sister once (and repeatedly since!) insists Vitamin C by Can sums up the grey months in Seattle. She’s not wrong. Ok, fine. She’s right.

That’s hard to say as an older sister.

She also told me about this

Sadness Hides the Sun thing.

Too sad, sister.

Party foul!

Party fowl.

I’m chicken o’ that kinda sad.

Cut it out.


Pitter Patter

There’s blue sky

and the sun’s jutting outta the grey

but it’s not gonna last all day!

Sometimes you gotta run at it

or walk at quickly

(seriously girl-don’t blow them knees out!)



This is how she came to know he was Troubadour,


She had loved fellows of music, letters, substances, and substance.

not quite men, yet.

She listened to their odes to women,


Just as lovesome as anything else she had heard.

Love is effortless, but not always loving of itself.

(in-) sufficient.

(not) entitled.

(not) privledged

(dis-) content

At least there was content.

but troubadour’s don’t flee but rather

they incline to persue.

Perhaps it was a simple matter of time.

Some move through it more quickly than others.

She looked 150 years younger than she probably was.

(and still she felt she looked too old! ha!)

but, he had gotten it just right, at least in her eye.

res ges’tae (Latin)

Inclination of the Needle

(dip of the magnetic needle)


(trick, delude)




(confidence trickster)


(an action performed by saying or writing something. promise)


( < math. an element of a set which is unchanged in value when operated

on by itself )


( < Latin. ‘same‘ ; French.somme‘ )

idée fixe

( obsession < French lit. fixed idæ‘ )

idée reçue

( generally accepted concept < French lit. ‘received idæ’ )