Harlot to Freedom [disambiguation]


1. Lewd woman; prostitute

2. obsolete, a male servant; a churl

3. A woman in contempt

Per se: anyone, male or female of low birth.

[From Old French ‘herlot’, fellow. ]


1. Low-bred, surly fellow

2. A sordid person

3. A peasant

4. English historical, Anglo-Saxon freeman of the lowest rank or without rank.

[From Anglo-Saxon ‘ceorl’, man.]


Rude, hard to work or manage, intractable


1. Characterized by lust, lustful; carnal- licentious

2. Provencial or Archaic, morally depraved, vicious, wicked

[See the Anglo-Saxon ‘læwed’, lay]


1. promiscuous and unprincipled in sexual matters

2. Archaic, disregarding accepted rules, especially in grammar or literary style

Came into Middle English from the Latin ‘licentiosus’ from ‘licentia’, freedom.]

Funk & Wagners, 1943

Oxford English Concise, 2008

Parsifal/Sufi Connection

As I research Parsifal/-zifal, I like to jot unexpected correspondences. Here is one involving the Sufi tradition. The quick quote below is included in a Sufi meditation manual that came into my possession a year and a half ago.

“The radiance of the streamers emanating from the shoulder blades has, when unfolded, often been compared by Sufi’s with a mantle of light. In the Parsifal legends, it was because there were holes in the mantle of Anfortas that the evil forces of the night were able to attack him.” Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. The Ecstasy Beyond Knowing: A Manual of Meditation. 2014. p47

Anafortas: the wounded Fisher King who guard the Grail at Munsalvaesche.

[Perceval arrives at the Grail Castle, to be greeted by the Fisher King. From a 1330 manuscript of Perceval ou Le Conte du Graal by Chrétien de Troyes, BnF Français 12577, fol. 18v]

Below is the context in which the quote above is presented. The reader is being given meditation methods to enliven these ideas. Parsifal is not mentioned again.

The (life) energy fields includes the electrostatic and electromagnetic fields, the aura, called bioluminescence (light body?), the sonic field, and perhaps fields of other alternate forces (chi force; etheric body, which pulses with your breath; celestial body.) p46

“The energy in the human electromagnetic field flows in manifold ways. You may distinguish [sic. seven total ways including]…..vi) streamers (plumes of energy). ” p46

The concept of energy pluming from your body can be illustrated by:

1) Energy streaming above the head, like the Pentecostal tongues of flame

2) Energy flashing from the temples “as the winged thoughts of Greek Mythology”

3) Energy pluming out from behind the shoulder blades as winglike or cloaklike.

4) Plumes around the temples, included with the wings of the Seraphim.

5) Plumes around the shoulder blades and ankles, as the wings found in images of Hermes or Mercury.

Khan proposes that attributing validity to the existence of such “higher” fields that have so far not yielded to the measurement of science, enables the accounting for some of the uncanny bouts of energy to which contemplatives refer. Examples:

  • The quickening of the Holy Spirit to Christian mystics
  • Ruh al-quddus to Sufi
  • The Shekina among Jewish mystics.

“Actually, we [sic. science & mysticism] have been going along with the assumption that the body emits these fields, but what if the electromagnetic field, in fact, all components of the life field, were the templates, the mold, in which the body is being formed?” p. 47

One related meditation practice is listed among other practices given in this section.

  • “Try to feel such streamers emanating from your shoulder blades. Envision them as unfolded and draped around your back, affording a kind of protection, or even as the robe investing the initiate into the Hermetic tradition. All the above practices will need to be extended to the aura of light.”p48

On the Currents of Dreams

Cicero. Fetch him. Will he read to us, aloud, his Dream of Scipio?

Recall the nightmares of Nebuchadnezzar? His hope for Daniel’s talent?

Recall. He refused to heed the warning this soothsayer pulled.

Recall: The king lost his mind, to a strange psychosis lasting seven years, at which he regained reason.

So where are the temples erected to Aesculapius?

And, who also dreams like pharaoh Thutmose IV?

Hormakhu comes and goes now.

New forms. Uncovered the Sphinx.

Perhaps goddess Safekht took Serapis as hers.

The learned ones of the library of magic.


So incubate. Sleep. Dream


The Egyptians taught.

Hermes & Moses received. Others too?

Encrypted. Pentaeuch.


Everything is already written in the very measurements of the dimensions of the Temple of Soloman; and even Paracelsus, so long ago, already said: The Earth is a magnetic body.

Concerned with patterns of currents’ change, they replaced menhirs with Gothic cathedrals.

< < > >



Power & Directions

Flow & Tensions


< >

Sleep W/Rites

Four nights ride at me like knightless horses.

Some of us may be dead.

Do not overreact, we shall (re)enliven to you, the dead.

And, if you feel restless,

Then stand.

And, if it lingers, walk.

But, you must (not) forget your breath.

The Stain of that tree;

the mark of that unknown paw.


The tug of leash.

Does it follow?

Machen to Helen.

Machen was guide. Weigh Station.

Chhinnamasta calls me fall at her feet.

With my love.

To feed her, so she may feed the mystæ.

Horrendous in image.

But not horrible when properly imagined.

Can you deserve without earning?

Leviathans are understandably underendowed.

Catastrophe revealing atrophy.

Missing. One star. Even though there is a sky full.

I walked through a field of green meadows, last night.

Fields of fantasy and feeling.

And, then again,

the singular black dot.

Tiny spec/k/.

I cannot enlargen it, but I

continue to try.

I did as I have done because the demand

upon me was greater today.

Clothed in bedsheets worn/draped as a


Imagine. Pitter patter. Socks on carpet.

The deer licked the derelict.

Feeling the parsimony of time in mind.


A long.

A longing.

A precious ore mine.

A veritable land grave possessed

by the fool hanging by one foot.

On a needle & thread.

The Summer Sphere

Set amongst a group of a dozen bystanders,

I watched the boat burst into flames

Ten yards into the bay.

A man runs to the lapping shore.

Drives his body deeper, diving into a falling wave.

We were not sure why.

No one was aboard.

The sopping wet man returns to say:

I’ve ruined my phone.

While coming ashore.

Fire twirls on the water table worktop.


Through an oil burning medium.

The invisible lucifermatch

White stick.

Head struck and aflame.


The nearest bystander to my right:


I continue saying nothing.

Again: Wow!

Again: nothing continued

Can you believe it, he said?

Well, I’m seeing it, but the question of that reality requires a lot of words.

Maybe we should get a coffee and watch this fire burnout? He asked.

How kind, of you. Metaphysically speaking, as we would be, it is arguable that we will if we have not already done so. So, in this timeline I decline, kindly.

There are whispers that Klingsor’s summer and spear is near.