It is.(..) Naught Not

Paje played the Weasand who played the Crowess Countess called Countenance.


She wore Mercury’s winged cap as Weasand wore her hat of black feathers.


She played the dulcimer. It was pressed close to her heart.


And, she was nervous. Regardless,


She sang.


My sister the youngest original Maverick.

(the EP called A Game of Patience)



Reflections on nothing-really and what it means to me

Either it is either/or or it is not either/or?

That is an either/or statement.  Binary, one or the other, judgement is tacitly implied by the sentence italicized. If we can indicate those things that are “yes” or “no” things, we may assume the potential to encounter something that made ‘yes’/’no’ reasoning inappropriate.  (e.g. Are all liars ‘bad’?)


It is not just/only a Tool.

It is not always, but sometimes, a Game.

It is not necessarily a Party & parties are not necessarily good times.

It is all these things simultaneously; but, it is not only these things: a tool, a game, a party.

An Adventure in dancing.

Living to me is both a dream and a death

Ampersand resurrection.

It is: What it is. Come hither and howl and doze for a spell should you choose.

There are thousands of little deaths to die and little dreams to explore.

And, if the homework brings us down, then we’ll throw it on the fire

and resurrect the car outside.

Crank it up.


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