Watch “Brittany Howard – He Loves Me (Official Live Session)” on YouTube

No rights: homage and mega ups to Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes fame.

I saw them open for Crazy Horse in Tuscaloosa, AL.

There was a small wooden desk to stage right.

An awesome artist out of my home state.

Hometown heroes, huh?

Here are her thoughts on the South and music.
Deontay Wilder, falls into this category, too.

[sic. Wilhagan’s Irish Pub daze.]

(But, that’s another story.)

“Are You Happy Being A Schmuck? Lou Reed, Sydney 1975”

No rights: homage.

I am a part-time many things, but a full-time rock n’ roll animal.

While I am on record as not enjoying hearing musicians talk about their music, there are several notable exceptions that make the rule.

Neil Young, Johnny Lydon, Michael Stipe, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie.

But, my absolute favorite musician interviewee is Lou Reed.

This captures some of his essence.

This captures all the bizarreness of journalism and media.

“LeftSide Deafinit – Let Go (Official Video)”

No rights: homage to an artist i just came across for the first time.

Next level and on pointe.

Check out more here.

Chock full of symbolism, a vivacious beat that is well mixed, and

the video artwork left me wonderstruck.

Watch “TOOL – Fear Inoculum (Audio)”

No rights: homage to a band I have loved for two decades.

Giggle. Despite myself.

New track released today.

Get the inoculation.

Get their music. Listen to it as an album.

Seriously. Howl excited am I? Too excited.

“R.E.M. – The One I Love (Later With Jools Holland)”

No rights: homage

Southern, punky in their style, given that they came from Georgia (albeit the artist’s savehaven of Athens which is historically known for its indie music scene).

I dig them much. Great players with dynamic, live charisma.

The vocal echo being sung after Stipe’s gives me chills.

They are geniuses at subtlely. Their content gets revolutionary for their context, but it is only whispered. Very articulately. And, their appeal across the spectrum is undeniable. A rare combo.