VVöderland Notes from Parçigal

Underground currents,

conducted by Mæstrœs, at

certain key-stone sites where

lode-stones are ritualistic-ally, mystic-ally, and magick-ally

fawned over; and then,

pressed close-ally and

firmly into the lay-line

which will magnetize

the electric charge of

both Keystones & Lodestones,

(grail, cisterns, resevoir, from Latin ‘cista’ chest, arches, Ark, Lantern)

allowing the earth’s current to

be conducted to

those natural lay-lines sites that

just occur;

but, with an

increase in energetic out-put on

the scale of 150x.

Energy is pulled to the key/lode -stones; and,

held or redistributed by:

Maestrœs; Music Masters; Mæcens

using minnesingers; idiotēs; meisters; Mægens.

Magisters. fellows.

Hærlœts; a Lady; Maidens; handmaids; handmaidens




like a
A lice ntious ladder.

Maven; mavin; matron; knights; diabolūs, sons of Socrates, the ‘diatribe’

(“a private ind’l”)

Hermit. Hermetic. hermeneutics. Vermillion.

roses, swans, graal, gradalis, gra(d)al

scribes that transcribe

rishis, sannyasins, dervishes





The vortex belongs to a dust devil

Driving itself across scorched earth.

A man’s head covered in a vermillion tar-bush

Foot-pressed to its state by a wo/man in love with him.

This is the kind of love that enabled

The second exodus.

Washing and care instructions:

Love materials before wearing.

Exceptional Notebook Nonsense: Install One.





[it is an exception to the starting rule

that all rules have exceptions]

You die a voodoo death because everyone else expects it of you.

The uncommon tragedy of the commons is that there is nothing anyone cares to do.

Contagions of group expectations afflict your field of view.

A cursed question put on you–

Would you die if no one

thought you would?

  Or, could.

Authority instructs you to confront mortality.

You are part of the totality,

but individually, you are

also, a triviality

What I may be is the value of a binary threshold function.

Insert the prefix ‘looking-‘

to ‘-glass house’.

Suddenly, and without warning (giggle-howl) a hypocrite becomes a stranger in a strange-land.

Have you ever tried this?

Write something.



read it and weep.

Giggle with me?

The forcefield is too big. ‘Cause, it used to have to be, possibly.

Not anyone’s fault.

We can always blame


Or bang (bang).

During our REM dream states.

Not in the same environment ampersand; now, the forcefield is energetically askew and effing with the universal grid?

How ostensibly ego-centric to think so, no?  Yeah?


Compassion for self.

Self-hatred was that wall that enabled self-preservation.

  1. i hated myself for hurting/you hate yourself for hurting;

i do not hate what hurt me/you do not hate what hurt you.

What hurt me (you) did/does not hate me


It is that silly and dumb to hear aloud from this fool.

How to answer the question: Can you truly say ‘no’?


Try to say what you mean when you answer that one.


Howl I



This is not deliberate confusion.

But, sure seems confusingly deliberate.


Indulgence relative. Just do not hurt people.

Three reasons I love a timely, kind laugh.


  1. see 1. above
  2. Authenticity under austerity becomes through sincerity                                           ?
  3. It is not that you pay for what you get; it is that you get what you pay* for.



*we ain’t just talking currency/wages, folks.



It is okay to admit you are enraged at a potentially outrageous situation.

Enrage is your ego yelling.

Outrage is your heart yelling.

Your heart only yells when others suffer too.

Being enraged and being outraged is possible.

Being enraged and ego-maniacal is possible.

What a drag….

….that i cannot get over myself until I admit that I cannot get over myself.

This is silent howling.

This is giggling.

This is authentic, at the least (


exactly  now

). Are you over yourself already?


What are these sighs that I imagine?

Whose low end groan comes down the cans?


Speculation: A song that can end itself and not just fade out.


You Seeking That?

I cannot


I want to

Music hooks my attention. If ‘decent,’ it moves through my spine like currents.

Time changes.

Threaded to be unwound

Like a record’s groove.

Linear thread to unwind in the minotaur’s maze.

Did you bring your own thread this time?

Trying to attune to the ephemeral and corporeal energetic grid.

Doing in contribution, perhaps sight unseen.


Tao of the mystic

Doubt everything and everyone



trusting people and things to be who and what they ‘are.’

Method of attempted peace and openness.

Silence. Again.

Why had she said so much?

Why did she not listen?

Again? Selfish?

She knew it kinda hurt.

So, she wo/andered as she wa/ondered.

Could 24 hours of her silence help her hear?

Speak, please.

If you wilt.

She is patient.

‘Parzifal’ notes

P. thought “only by passive love will he prevail.” Is verse from book VII only made in response to the A.’s first request of the seer: “make herself perfectly passive” in order he might communicate freely.”?

Hummm. Still working on wtf we have here in terms of meaning.