Proof of I.D.

It is infinitely easy to identify with someone

(but not any-body?).

So you hate cool, swift breezes on hot days?

I don’t.

I leaf notes to future me.

Encryption ain’t the new


They remind me to

Remember right.


This is a thread to me.

Leaves about a spine.


For no-one but page


Æffect & Cause

The lost cause of

how you used to be?

The wilted cæmellia

tucked behind the hero/ine’s ear?


wither and thither.

Return to stasis,

never static, sugarfoot.

But, what you chew up and

cannot swallow

will feed your

root structure.

Poison returns if you

leave it elsewhere.

Sum it up and send it

Back to the earth

Quake for rebirth.

You saw a wryneck


In shallow waters of a

Good place to be


The best of whose

Possible worlds?

It is how you

See the question.

Just glad to hear

The presumption of my

Body is no assumption.

Getting ready

To be fretted

For being willing

To be the bay-at-sea/c.

A cistern formed by basins of shale

Far beneath and beyond

The pale where

Sun is always shadowed

But for somme.

A New Ræ Moon

I have stamps for the postage.

The ferry leaves the same time over here.

I checked the mail and I don’t think City of Revelation is here yet.

Sometimes, I silently swear I can sensate an-other/s, holding my head,

three fingers of pressure and support to my forehead.

My hair sweeps down and closes around my face like a curtain drawn across a stage.

Breath is


I learned to sleep whether my eyes were on

the open or the closed.

A nap in blink. A relative delusion.

The pull of fo/u/rces up-on me.

I am force moving through and enlivening the body I wear.


Maybe that is you.

Maybe I am your optimal conditions.

The intersection of wave patterns with which your waves may coalesce.





A ton/n/e.

A ton.

The current ether capable of manifesting your revivification.

I entreat catalyzing. I desire catalyzation.

Cathartic enzyme.

I see from the Vacuum and

It-is lonely even though you are not alone,

A lone,

Or, a loaned.

I want to draw your energy

To magnetize your electricity.

Resonate and then shall I feed you some of

Yours with mine.

We will digest and rebirth ourselves in juices charged.

Rings of /re/comings


I may want to circle you a while yet,

Even a long time.

Finding out while up-on the vortex again.

Teach me to live well yet simply.

I will teach you gladness.

My adoration of discovering you through you

Raises a moon-day sun.

Means and Ends: The Way of CHUANG TZU

As is a practice, I flipped through a book snapped from the shelf at random.

There was a metro ticket from a trip taken.

It fell before the start of this reading.

It fell at the end of the other reading included.

As an investigator of method, Tao, mysticism, I found it of interest. Surprise, right? Giggle.

A couple of extra quotes from different readings included below.


The gate keeper in the capital city of Sung became such an expert mourner after his father’s death, and so emaciated himself with fasts and austerities, that he was promoted to high rank in order that he might serve as a model of ritual observance.

As a result of this, his imitators so deprived themselves that half of them died. The others were not promoted.

The purpose of a fish trap is to catch fish, and when the fish are caught, the trap is forgotten.

The purpose of the rabbit snare is to catch rabbits. When the rabbits are caught, the snare is forgotten.

The purpose of words is to convey ideas. When the ideas are grasped, the words are forgotten.

Where can I find a man who forgotten words? He is the one I would like to talk to.

[xxvi. 11.]


Hui Tzu said to Chuang Tzu:

“All your teaching is centered on what has no use.”

Chuang replied:

“If you have no appreciation for what has no use

You cannot begin to talk about what can be used.

The earth, for example, is broad and vast

But of all this expanse a man uses only a few inches

Upon which he happens to be standing.

Now suppose you suddenly take away

All that he is not actually using

So that, all around his feet a gulf

Yawns, and he stands in the Void,

With nowhere solid except right under

each foot:

How long will be he able to use what he is using?”

Hui Tzu said:

“It would cease to serve any purpose.”

Chuang Tzu concluded:

“This shows

The absolute necessity

Of what has ‘no use.'”

[xxvi. 7.]

Keng’s Disciple

The disciple got some supplies,

Traveled seven days and seven nights


And came to Lao Tzu.

Lao asked: “Do you come from Keng?”

“Yes,” replied the student.

“Who are all those people you have

brought with you?”

The disciple whirled around to look.

Nobody there. Panic!

Lao said: “Don’t you understand?”

The disciple hung his head. Confusion!

Then a sigh. “Alas, I have forgotten my


(More confusion!) “I have also forgotten

my question.”

Lao said: “What are you trying to say?”

The disciple: “When I don’t know,

people treat me like a fool.

When I do know, the knowledge gets me in trouble.

When I fail to do good, I hurt others.

When I do good, I hurt myself.

If I avoid my duty, I am remise,

But if I do it, I am ruined.

How can I get out of these contradictions?

That is what I came to ask you.”

Lao Tzu said: You are trying to sound

The middle of the ocean

With a six foot pole…

You have got lost, and are trying

To find your way back

To your own true self.

You find nothing

But illegible signposts

Pointing in all directions…

If your obstructions

Are on the outside,

Do not attempt

To grasp them one by one

And thrust them away.

Impossible! Learn

To ignore them.

If they are within yourself,

You cannot destroy them piecemeal,

But you can refuse

To let them take effect.

If they are both inside and outside,

Do not try

To hold on to Tao–

Just hope that Tao

Will keep hold of you.”

The disciple asked:

“Is this perfection?”

Lao replied: “Not at all. If you persist in trying

To attain what is never attained

(It is Tao’s gift!)

If you persist in reasonsing

About what cannot be understood,

You will be destroyed

By the very thing you seek.

To know when to stop

To know when you can get no further

By your own action,

this is the right beginning!”

[xxiii. 3-7]

Merton, Thomas. The Way of Chuang Tzu. Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boston & London. 1992.

Copyright 1965 by the Abbey of Gethsemani