What Writes Who?

Writing that is read will necessarily be personalized by the reader. It seems arguable that writers could also personalize what they write as coming from from them, when it might be coming through them. A radio does not create the music it amplifies. The radio is not the origin of the music it amplifies. The radio converts sound waves in the air into vibrations our ears perceive as music thanks to our ear drums.

Both writer and reader engage writing and written language through the process of meaning-making in the same way an individual exploits patterns s/he perceives to make sense of the external world. While we can speak of the transmission of info via written language as a technical and biological process (occuring systematically in brains), this is not the same as saying the reader or writer will have any awareness of their own mechanations of thought.

I am told electricity traces routes in my brain, firing bells and whistles that lead me to feel and think. When I have a thought or a thought occurs to me, I am not conscious of the biological nor the physical mechanics enabling or spawning that thought. My consciousness of the text I create enters once I’ve personalized it – made it relevant to myself? Just like a computer is not aware of it own processes and algorithms, so we could be too with our words?


Each and Other

Swiftly consumed and scribed words.

Keenly crafted prose and sounds.

Hauled ore, smelted, forged, smithed.

Well-honed against whetstone.

Blade piercing rough shell,

Proving the whetstone also a geode.

Shone and shining.

Like lunar light.

Moonlight striking red, purple, violet, and pink facets.

Sunlight bouncing from the metal edge.

The mirrored a reflected.

Shone off from one to other

Each shining back.


The Resonator (howling along to Steppenwolf)

AE am to myself as Harry Haller was to the wolf of the Steppes.

Ae am Casey; but I æ am also cagey.

What do you want to have come here, now?

Yes, Hermine that you long ago slew-

back when we all lived in the forest-


Oh, you sweet fool.

I’ve not been mad at you since.

On the contrary, I am more aroused than ever, as you like to say.

But, just as lovesome as before, though, sugarfoot.

I worry you’ll kill me all over again.


You forgot to laugh, mouse.

That is it.

It is all of which you are guilty.

We were in a Mad Theater, darlin’.

Do you effing get it yet?

You were Pablo.

No, they will never get it. Us.

I forgot it was funny too.

We are lovers’ lovers

and not everyone can be The BeeGees.

I contend that we are new, wholly original.

Authentic; Integral.

What it is.

It is what it is.

That’s what it is.

Says JB.

So are we.

Do you see it? Why I dressed like you?

Fireworks this time, dear.

Not World War III.

The second one went on endlessly.

It hurt.


Man has always loved the endless variantions in surfaces.

Woman is pure essence,

though she’s forgotten (and I marvel at it).

I marvel that man sees but only one surface-

one form-

when He looks upon Her;

for in truth, as T. Mann said,

there are multitudes.

Effing sweet idiots.

Sh/We have made ourselves more than pretty enough,

given our beauty.


AE am callæbus equus;

but no,

I will not be ridden mercilessly anymore.

Are you then kind?

And, can you prove mettle?

I hone and forge and

carry wood

and could continue to do so endlessly.

This manual labor is effortlessly easy.

Keep on going; there it is.

You hear them, right?

You know you are not them, yes?

That’s the way we get by.

Darling, “that’s how the beads around our face make sure to fit back in place.”

It was you who first told me all this, silly.

So just keep singing, writing, reading, snipping, playing.

Do you and find yourself anew.


I’ll keep trying to prove that Alice Ladder said,

“Curiouser and capriciously.”


“Curious and curiouser.”

(says I, KC, for the umpt.eenth time;

so forgetful am AE!)

Life is just a dream of a game, moth.

So merrily!

We can always go to sleep again.

We can sleep and dream like no others.

That’s why we return.

That’s why æ can smell You from miles away.

Run. It’s fine.


Fall asleep with me.


Stay awake with me.

Do you.

I keep my love with you anyway.

It’s Soul Power by James Brown.

Lovely repetition that mesmorizes,

that ends up sounding more complex than the sum of its parts.

Because it is.

It’s David Bowie’s

(or was he Ziggy then?)

Moonage Daydream.

“I’ll be a rock n’ rollin’ bitch for you,”

you sweet, silly pink monkeybird.

When I removed the bobby pins and

let my hair down;

I told you:

I washed it. It smells like a garden. I did this to please you, because it pleased me.

Then you said:

Oh shit, give me what I want. But, my dear, don’t give it to me yet, please.

I errupt:

laughter ; tears ; pert pebbles ; puffing ; full deluge

Wolf grin.

Effing, eh, sugarfoot!

It’s been forever since you last said that.

In fact, it’s the oldest memory AE have.

You were in a garden with some kind but dull friend.

You opened a book.

It wasn’t a special book,

except that it was the only book you had around to pick up.

No, you didn’t have a pen.

You opened and read something and I couldn’t hear you.

So I said:

Tolle lege.

That is the first time we ended the world.

Well-that I can still remember, I suppose.

It is still

Still Life with Woodpecker.


“How different really are atheists and believers?” (Costica Bradatan)


Thank you Costica Bradatan and John Gray.

Interesting piece very relevant to the cultural elephant in the room (at least in America). This elephant also relates to the popular perception that a scientific and a religous belief perspective are mutually exclusive.

Lots to unpack but highlights include:

“[Grey] uses paradox not just for rhetorical effect but to a philosophical end.”

<thank you. rhetoric abounds already.>

Voltaire and Nietzeche, as perceived atheists, are rexamined.

“no such thing as secularism”

The idea that religion is born from a fundamental need to make meaning.

The author suggests religion is irreplacable in our meaning making process.

I propose extending this more broadly: culture is irreplacable and religion is a social structure of culture. This is consistent with the authors’ arguements.

While categorization is reductionist at times, the breakdown of ‘types’ of atheists is appropriate and beneficial to the big picture “layman” discussion.

Atheist” and “scientist” have become confused as synonomous. “Atheist” is largely a stigma in many local American communities. If you believe this is irrelevant to the endeavor of science, please consider public school textbooks and science. Evolution is less frequently taught (in the South, at least), then cited as theory and then discredited.

Why? Because text book order demand stems from state boards of education.

Please check The Revisionaries, a documentary demonstratig this process.



Watch “Us3 ~ Lazy Day (1993)” on YouTube

learned this song from a mix tape (cassette)

so parlay, parlay, parlay cuz it’s a lazy day.

hi c, would you take me for a whirl

it never ceases to amaze when my vocals release

the low flat top

so we rolled up the HEY, now ya talking!


HARTZ. American Exceptionalism (pt3).

Because American industrial development generally resembled Europe’s, Hartz cast his exceptionalism thesis in strongly political and cultural terms.

What has differentiated politics in the U.S. are limits that have been imposed on economically induced political change by the agreement on liberal beliefs and practices.

Standard Critiques of Liberal Consensus Theory

The most common critique argues that the thesis seriously understated the extent and variability of class conflict and governmental interventions in the economy,

Hartz and Tocqueville did, after all, take for granted that widespread economic wealth was involved in sustaining the liberal character of American political thought.

Social pluralism and seperation of residence and workplace can be attributed at least in part to the openess and fluidity of a liberal society.

Implicit Metatheory of the Consensus Thesis

The consensus thesis is mainly concerned with the years near after the original settlement of America and there are three reasons why the thesis cannot be a causal explanation over the more extensive period.

1. The decisive causal factors took place in Europe and the thesis has little to say about these events or the causes that brought them about.

2. The thesis emphasizes continuity; it does not seek to explain political development nor is it concerned with the way one set of changes produced another set of changes.

3. Causal explanations must clearly distinguish between dependent and independent variables. The thesis attributes America’s persisting liberal culture to the liberal beliefs and practices of the original settlers. Beliefs and practices make up a culture, and the original liberalism of a culture cannot be a cause of its liberalism later on.


Watch “The Rolling Stones – She’s A Rainbow (Official Lyric Video)” on YouTube


no rights

lovely simplish piano forward

a bit of strings (that start sawing <bluegrass term> a bit at the end),

kiddish a bit (and then some)

have you seen her dressed in blue?

have you seen her all in gold?

–like a sunset goin’ down



Flip a sect,

Then set it back.

Turned on head.

Touch without an intent to take.





and then be held

(but not beholden)

This is bespoke.

Be read. Be write.

And understand beloved.

Then you have that which you did not intend to take by virtue of non-intention


The Problem of Nothingness-Selected Tracks from Jean Paul Sartre

An abstraction is made when something not capable of existing in isolation is thought of as in an isolated state. Consciousness is an abstraction. The concrete can be only the synthetic totality of which consciousness, like the phenomenon, constitutes only moments. Effecting a phenomenological reduction will not succeed in restoring the concrete (of consciousness) by the summation or organization of the elements which we abstracted from it. The relation of the regions of being is an original emergence and is a part of the very structure of these beings. “Is there any conduct which can reveal to me the relation of man with the world?”

We have established a parallelism between the types of conduct man adopts in the face of Being & Non-Being. We’re tempted to consider Being & Non-Being as two complimentary components of the real -like dark and light. Two contemporary notions which would somehow be united in the production of existents and which it would be useless to consider in isolation. Pure Being & pure Non-Being would be two abstractions which could be reunited only on the basis of concrete realities~There is nothing in heaven or on Earth which does not contain in itself Being & Non-Being,

Things in general “are”, but their being consists in manifesting their essence. Being passes into essence. One can express this by saying, ‘Being presupposes essence.’

Being is prior to nothingness and establishes the ground for it. Being has a logical precedence over nothingness and it is from Being that Nothingness derives its efficacy. Nothingness haunts Being. Nothingness can have only a borrowed existence. Non-Being exists only on the surface of Being.

*this is just Sartre’s opinion, yo. Dissent? Thoughts?


Watch “John Irving on why The World According to Garp is more relevant now than he ever imagined” on YouTube


The Final Washout

He washed the final smell of his Alabama home from the last comforter

from the last divide of things.

It was now the Fall before the Winter.

It was the second winter he’d known there.

He couldn’t remember having needed so many blankets.

Maybe she really never did get cold.

But, he told her:

I’ll never be a forest.

Trees and plants:not for him.

Time in the forest moves strangely.

When she’d first shown the long lasting puddle

on the side of the trail,

She said:

It’s Black Pool. Notice how nothing really floats and nothing really sinks here? It suspends, I guess.

He thought he heard her say something else.


Watch “The New Folk Implosion – Brand Of Skin (2003)” on YouTube

oldie but greatie

said I was empty ; why you shaking me?

are you too angry to be saved?

oh no!

who is that smile on your face?

did comfort kill the curiosity?

harmony’s gone; the rhythm remains

no rights




I Dreamed I Slept Last Night

sharing bread with a family in a neighborhood

loaves of sourdough distributed

to 5 us. We each get our own. It’s too much.

Everyone eats. We are in a forest near the house I grew up

it’s fall (or autumn, if you wanna get technical),

the family and I go to this performance space

like ampitheatre but more aisles in the wings to work with.

lots of others

working hard. knowing their bits to do.

Proud of whatever they are creating.

Instant feeling of ‘aw what the hell, Casey, pitter patter-let’s get at ‘er.’ Unprepared; no clue what the project is.

“Flaneur!”someone yells

hey I know this word! Only recently found out about it

so naturally, I start grinning and looking around to see this lucky flaneur.

after too long, I look back at the fellow who called for the flaneur.

Trying to see if his eyes point it out

and of course he’s staring at me, like I’m a complete idiot. Seen me looking all around at hearing my own moniker.

he’s got a blonde headed little girl standing on his left foot

pulling at his arms

talking at him (and possibly the Universe?) a mile a minute.

the guy looks like a preppy quarterback I knew from childhood maybe

15ft away an attractive blonde is wicked angry at waiting for him to finish his business.

she looks tired and like she has more obligations than are necessary.

the guy mid-thirties is quite good at pretending he doesn’t notice it and isn’t annoyed.

I consider asking if he has considered being a broker

However, I start to get impatient,

is dude gonna say something of relevance?

oh wait I’m the flaneur-need to settle down and meander.

Chill Casey. Figure out how this situation came to be about itself.

(me) yeah, guy, I forgot.

(guy) we know

(me) that I was flaneur, that is

(guy) we know

(me) boundary shifts…

(guy) ok are you done talking yet?

he doesn’t look impressed

I could give an eff. he’s got two gals that are trying to impress him

and he yelled for me says nothing

so go be impressed over there and I’ll do me

unless, you have something to say

effing men, sometimes.

but I’ve only spoken about myself and made assessments.

(guy) take that girl. Keep her busy. Show her whatever the eff it is you do. She’ll sleep at 8. her house. She can show you.

Guy vanishes.

Another blonde girl, one i’d not noticed, is walking over

no smile

husky gal

fit in suggestive, too-tight clothes.

strutting: if it can be called that

just painful to see


you wanna give her a hug after you slap her.

I fill with dread at spending one sec with this girl

that’s unfair-she’s a kid

but, man, I realize im a bit tired

and the psychic prep to not allow this ‘un to zap me is gonna take effort

the psychic vampiricism is strong with this one.

Make her smile.

Do you think flaneur is related to the word flapper? (nonsense-worse yet, completely unfunny <if only someone had fallen down>).

The fuck? she says

(dream fades from memory)

(returning —)

at her house. Very messy, untidy but not yet dirty.

She lives with other kids is my guess.

The house is ranch style rambler. dark colors

the roof in disrepair. trees have fallen into it, now acting as roof themselves.

It’s raining.

She gets on her pallate. comforters, sheets, sleeping bags

all the rooms are set up with these beds

it’s is clearly a home where a family lives.

no simple flop

a pallate has been made for me

before I even enter the room.

there is water in the room.

the pallates are wet from accumulating rain water on hard wood floors that curve from warp.

she doesn’t say anything.

just gets under her blankets with her back to me

she’s putting out content even happy vibes. I can tell this is the highlight of her day.

I cry and feel bad for crying. do it quiet like

I’m chilly and wet. it reminds me of sailing

I sleep for 3 hrs


listen to see if anyone’s up


I sleep 2 more hours


I sleep 2 more hours

the house is full of people

moving the family out of the house


Cyborg Seadog tell me what you dream of!


Like technical conversations is what I recall.

Which I ace.


totally sloppy use there,


breakdown (go ‘head & give it to me).

I diplomatically speak in rhetoric



cuz I’m learning by doing

no goal

well <one specific informal one>.

But my skill in the dream involves endurance.

Did you know:

Cacassius Clay was hit more than Sonny Liston?

Oh you did, dear.

You know him by Hammad Ali.

We both met him by Simon and Garfunkel?

He was in a flux then

a parallel life.

Perhaps, as we presently find ourselves



X (childhood best friend after some Rosé) : But seriously! How are you?

1: Dunno. I feel well. How I am? Do you know how you are? Ha ha!

[X & 1 laugh like idiots for reasons not immediately apparent]

1: Do you remember that time-

X: -we ran full speed into the suspension parking rope we didn’t see?! Like, wind straight-up knocked outta us?

1: Ha! Fallen down?! (Snort)…then we got lost on a ski resort shuttle bus?! Until, like, scandalously late: 11pm?

[1 & X laugh like idiots for reasons becoming immediately apparent: they are idiots!]

Continue reading “”


Watch “James Brown – Get on the Good Foot” on YouTube

homage, no rights

in case you ain’t having a good one yet

Hit Me!

wanna get on the good foot

and dancing to the music of the James Brown Band.

get a funky job and be paying your dues

but that’s on my bad food

hit it there

you gotta

hit it

get it there

Lay on it.

C’mon now

take care of business sister


The Problem of Sciences (one more old a** quote to discover from a great book)

Classical mechanics uses space and time but never questions itself about time, space, or motion. And, Social Sciences do not question themselves about man. We cannot take it for granted that experience will give us the facts of a group or that anthropology will bind these facts by means of objectivity, strictly defined relations, if we want to access “human reality.”

The problem is our research is aimed at constituting laws and at bringing to light functional relations/processes.

By indirect knowledge, I mean the result of reflection on existence. It is indirect in this sense-that it is presupposed by all the concepts of anthropology without being itself made the object of concepts.


The Problem of Nothingness (bonus pts if you guess the source-it should go without saying.)

An abstraction is made when something not capable of existing in isolation is thought of as in an isolated state.

Consciousness is an abstraction.

The concrete can be only the synthetic totality of which consciousness, like the phenomenon, constitutes only moments. Effecting a phenomenological reduction will not succeed in restoring the concrete (of consciousness) by the summation or organization of the elements which we abstracted from it. The relation of the regions of being is an original emergence and is a part of the very structure of the beings.

“Is there any conduct which can reveal to me the relation not man with the world?”

We have established a Parallelism between the types of conduct man adopts in the face of Being and Non-Being. We’re tempted to consider being and non-being as two complementary components of the real: like dark and light.

Two contemporary notions which would somehow be united in the production of existents and which it would be useless to consider in isolation. Pure being and pure non-being would be two abstractions which could be reunited only on the basis of concrete realities.

There is nothing in heaven or on earth which does not contain in itself Being and Nothingness.


What the Technical Meaning of ‘Emergence’ means to me (3 Things)


system: combination of components can form a more complex organization, that can be termed a system. E.g. of biological systems: cells > organism > ecosystem. To understand how biological systems work, it is not enough to have a complete “parts” list.

emergent properties of systems: with each upward step in the hierarchy of biological order, novel proerties emerge that are not present in the level just below. They are due to the arrangement and interaction of parts as complexity increases. E.g. thoughts, memories are emergent properties of a complex network of nerve cells.


reducing complex systems to simpler components that are manageable to study (horseapples: I say) The dillema of understanding biological breaks down thusly:

1. We cannot fully explain a higher level of order by breaking it down into its parts

2. Something as complex as organisms and /or cells cannot be analyzed without observing them take their own selves apart.


Thoughts: Systems Biology, Feedback, and Metaphorical Universality

To understand biological life’s (<as far as we presently know> carbon based metabolism) emergent properties, one must understand how all the parts of a biological system/s are functionally integrated. Systems biology and reductionism compliment each other in this investigation.

Basics of Systems Strategy Theory

1st-inventory as many parts as possible (e.g. known proteins in a cell)

2nd-investigate how each part behaves in relation to others working in the system (e.g. protein to protein interactions)

3rd-pool all data from many research terms/teams and apply them into System Network Models (tech. sense).

Feedback Regulation

Feedback: mechanism enabling biological processes to self-regulate.

Feedback Regulation: the output / the product of a process that regulates that very process

Negative Feedback: most common form of regulation. The accumulation of an end product of a process slows that very process.

Positive Feedback: an end product speeds up its production (e.g. blood clotting after an injury <chemicals released by platelets which attract more platelets.>)


Bit of Last night’s dream

it rained so I remember little except

aguing with one and a half paragraphs of printed on Paper text


not original

Hardy’s A Mathematician’s Apology

not arguing with Hardy but the text bit as living thing

there were other people there that I could not see

felt stuffy and full of egos (academia?)

I’m annoyed to be there and can’t remember how or why I am there.

A Mathematician’s Apology finishes presenting itself.

it’s brilliant and funny. feels too true to be true. Straw man.

it’s ‘feedback from the galley’ time

despite wild applause, NO ONE has anything to say

this pisses me off

so I talk, challenge, blah blah.

the subject matter is not my specialty

the other dummies prob know more than me, but don’t have anything to say?

the one and half paragraph seems relieved someone is talking

we have a good discussion


I Slept Like A Champ Yesterday.

I woke up and thanked you.

“The rhythms fell slow,” one of us said.

The other one of us immediately noted the line was not being spoke in the original sense.

Bespoke all over again

I laugh at this to give myself another opportunity to smile up at you.

I had to handle errands.

marginalia: see how easy errand goes errant

but there was nothing to doubt, dear.

I narrated to you.

(I narrate for you)

Even when time’s changes and the earth’s rotations

make it impossible to know where or when you are.

even when you are not there or here,

when you could not know you were there….

unless…but who could be that magical really?


I know you are


I am.

(any reading thereof)

I hope your feet are warm.

It rained.

It stopped.

It remains grey.

The mountains are obscured by clouds.

You coulda gone weeks without knowing they were there at all

I suspect

back when our opposable thumbs were still novels

Hey there’s an attractive Japanese couple to my right.

waiting for the light to cross on foot

made me wish I was on foot

they are young compared to us

they laugh and smile and gesture wildly.

Now I’m smiling.

They pretend to be sign twirlers for some surreptitious business or affair,

spinning the invisible boards. dropping it, kicking it back up and catching it on their backs

It’s good panto. I can see it. The invisible they indicate.

I dream they are trying to indicate you to me.


Fin de Siècle & Lebensraum (words on index cards you are trying to discern)

Fin de Siècle is French for “end of century.”

Reference the English idiom “turn of the century” (turn of the screw?)

Re: the closing of one era and the onset of another

Term refers to the end of the 19th century – period of ‘degeneration’ but simultaneously a period of hope for a new beginning.

Spirit of fin de siècle: refers to cultural hallmarks that were recognized as prominent in the 1880’s and 1890s

i.e. ennui, cynicism, pessimism.

Artists catalyzed this as impetus for movements like Symbolism and Modernism

Also, a general belief that civilization leads to decadence (see Freud. Civilization and Its Discontents).

Also, became a major influence on fascism. (?)


It’s Not A Stretch

Tendons turn before hips.

Calves cramp before pointes.

Ligaments lech over muscles.

Impeccable imbecile.

Lovely Repetition.

That is the first secret.

you tell me the second

(and third);

and, I’ll tell you if I already knew that



HARTZ. American Exceptionalism (pt2).

— Picking up)

Americans enjoyed bourgeois liberty. “Not the aristocratic freedom of their motherland, but a middle-class and democratic freedom.” (Tocqueville).

The U.S. had learned to combine liberty and democracy as the French had not. They did not suffer what Tocqueville called a “democratic revolution.” They (in the U.S.) all belonged to a middle class. There was no prolonged struggle to bring down aristocracy.

Tocqueville said:

The Americans had this great advantage, that they attained democracy without sufferings of democratic revolution and that they were born equal instead of becoming so.

Hartz expands Tocqueville’s analysis in two directions:

1. Employed the French aristocratic insights to explain the striking absence of an American socalist or militant working-class tradition.

America’s white immigrants could pursue middle-class goals freely, because social homogeneity kept most Americans from thinking systematically about class difference. American political culture lacked the European categories necessary to the expression of antagonism.

Whereas a European socialist might see class confrontation, most Americans saw only a pluralist conflict among narrowly defined interests, and they behaved accordingly, by shunning class-based policies. Hartz argued the failure of the bourgeoisie to develop class-consciousness left American workers ideologically crippled.

A triumphant middle-class can take itself for granted. (Tocqueville).

2. Applied Tocqueville’s arguement to American political ideas that were thoroughly liberal.

Hartz argued that they began with Locke and, “stay with [him] by virtue of an absolute and irrational attachment” that made America as uniquely “indifferent to the challenge of socialism” as it had earlier been “unfamiliar with the heritage of feudalism.”

Because there was no feudalism to attack, American liberals, unlike their European counterparts (or Locke), could reject entirely the idea of a powerful government. They didn’t need it to use as a weapon against an older order. In conjunction with insensitivity to class differences, this fear of governmental power has consistently weakened movements for large-scale welfare programs, economic regulation, or socialism.

Because American industrial development generally resembled Europe’s, Hartz cast his Exceptionalism thesis in strongly political and cultural terms. What has differentiated politics in the U.S., are limits that have been imposed on economically induced political change by the agreement of liberal beliefs and programs.


Watch “Nile Rodgers on Bowie, Madonna and Chic’s first new album in more than 25 years” on YouTube

Super fun.

Hey Gents: How do you shut up a guitarist? Ask ’em to play from sheet music!

How do you shut up a pianist? Take away the sheet music!

Favorite quote: bring me the disco king!

Harmony not unison.

Steve Winwood (sp?) Back in the High Life, anyone?

Here’s to the long breakdowns; let’s take the Good Times and try to hop on it..


Oh, 1982 Bowie: quite! Very interesting indeed.


Vitamin C(an) D(o)

My sister once (and repeatedly since!) insists Vitamin C by Can sums up the grey months in Seattle. She’s not wrong. Ok, fine. She’s right.

That’s hard to say as an older sister.

She also told me about this

Sadness Hides the Sun thing.

Too sad, sister.

Party foul!

Party fowl.

I’m chicken o’ that kinda sad.

Cut it out.


Pitter Patter

There’s blue sky

and the sun’s jutting outta the grey

but it’s not gonna last all day!

Sometimes you gotta run at it

or walk at quickly

(seriously girl-don’t blow them knees out!)



Zagreus (oft confused with a dude up a tree)

Camus’ Zagreus once “laughed and added, ‘You see Mersault, all the misery and cruelty of our civilization can be measured by this one stupid axiom: happy nations have no history,’ ” incorporating time and nations into the excruciatingly existential search for ‘metaphysical truth.’