Watch “I’ve Got A Feeling (Naked Version / Remastered 2013)” on YouTube

Why do i love this song?

Infinitely relatable and self-referential.

Can anyone say what the feeling is?

Seems to just be A feeling.


I get that/those too!

Hum, huh?

Watch “Pink Floyd – On The Run” & here me wax-on poetic/s.

No rights, just pure homage

to the first electronica/synth jam i ever heard in my entire life.

At least as far back as i can speculatively conjecture.

I was around age 5.

The daydreams i could and can enliven when actively listening to this cut

border on the absurd;

but, when carrying a double edged sword, Damocles, the most important


To remember is: it has two sharp sides.

And, Damocles, apparently it hangs directly above you.

Observation only.

Already working on ambidexterity?

Genius it is to observe this track sidling itself betwixt the tracks finding themselves apposite ampersand opposite.

Facing each other as well as arching, in honest, desperate, curiosity.

(i.e. it plays well b/w the two songs between which it falls.)

A valley between twin peaks

Which can also serve us as a


Uses from time to time.

Love it much. Dig.


Welcome to another lunar side, i suppose.

Treat yourself.

Listen to it cans on and try to discern the voices.


Taken from Recollections of Sartre

Words are, for some, living creatures.

They persist in being and as such they insist on being noticed.  The bound and covered, silent sirens contained on the leaves between the book’s cover.

If words live, then literature can possess.

If I read and share the a sentence that crossed Plato’s eye and mind too, has time and distanced ceased?

If most celebrated literature spouts from the community of dead authors, their words become free of their original sin of the author(s) having possessed physical existence. The sentences are not devalued by the messy work of the author living his/her life at this point. The lens becomes free from the shackles of selfhood.  The lines now belong to the public. There is no greater authority to which they may appeal, who will explicate their “true” meaning.


“Eff abstinent. I want you to be obstinate for me,” he said.

“If it cannot be with guns, they will do it with chains/aws/ & stones,” he said.

Rejoinder: “You become a chimp from being a chump, when í substitite an i for a u.” I think Abraham Lincoln said that. Giggle.

Rerejoinder: “We turn o to a and from a crone comes the crane.”

Anyone watched Suspiria yet?