Kenickie – Can I Take You To The Cinema? (Peel Session)

No rights: homage.

/Your eyes, they follow me…too pale to see.

[One, two, three, four]

Can I take you to the ice rink? I don’t care, if you can’t skate…

To get you out of those wet clothes.

…I won’t lace your…

Can I take you to the cinema?:[Margot]

(Can I take you home?)

happy birthday, Monster.

I’m a bulldog for R.E.M being recognized for the amazing punks they are.

Southern Gothic Punk.

The album Monster turned 25 years old the other day.

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

/I was brain-dead, locked out, numb, not up to speed
I thought I’d pegged you an idiot’s dream…/

Yeah, /I never understood tha frequency (uh hum)/ either.

/Richard said, “Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy”…

I couldn’t understand/

‘Til recently.

Well, the last time I saw Richard was Detroit in ’68.

And he told me: all romantics meet the same fate.

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? Remaster. Given as a present to listeners,

along with a delightful, contextualization presented by original and remaster producer Scott Linn.

An awesome, quick interview.

He wanted “to take another crack at it.”

I dig both.

Re: Strange Currencies

David Foster Wallace really dug it during one particular book tour.

Read all about from the words of (a very thoughtful) other.

I.e. read it in many fewer words than DFW would have described it in, with hardly any footnotes. Giggle.

This particular anecdote is my favorite from the entire book.

/I don’t know why you’re mean to me./

/The fool might be my middle name./

/Take you there and make you mine./

/These words will be mine./

/I tripped and fell./

/I wanna feel it now./

/You know with love comes strange currencies; and here is my appeal:

I need a chance. A second chance. A third chance. A fourth chance…

[Insert magical, hard to decipher words here]

To catch myself and make it real./

Everything and more.

Joni Mitchell – Help Me (1974)

No rights: homage to a lady champion.


All I Want (alpha) to

All I Want (beta) to

Carey back to

Conversation forward to

Wild Things Run Fast to

Smokin’ (Empty Try Another) back to the impeccable

The Last Time I Saw Richard and forward to

Coyote, and

.Blue Motel Room.

JM knows, knew, experienced a lifetime of love and lust

and was gracious enough to share.

She knew interesting folk, if you look into it.

The hip, bone game: Joe Tex – Show Me

No rights: homage to the coolest mafahcking front man that I have seen.

Seriously, he dances with his mic stand better than professional ballroom dancers move with their partner/s.

I love a man’s hip bone and I like to play:

The hipbone is connected to the….

/tell me that you gotta show me/

Forgive the pronouns if you can and dig the essence.

The beat tricks me. It seems a half count slower than my ears expect.

Tension of time.


Sonic Youth – Bull In The Heather (Official Video)

No rights: homage to a band I have saved like gelato for rainy days.

i.e. a band I knew I would dig based on who else I have and do dig, for the last fifteen years.

[Do you ever save bands like me?]

I listen to music like folks watch t.v.

Too much.

Parzival research leads me to new words, ideas, preferences, everyday.

This song I found about two weeks ago.

It suits the proclivity of all, across the spectrums, so far as I can tell from my limited perspective.

/tell me that you gotta show me/.

Does everyone not endear an invitation to agree or disagree, with impunity?

Witness UK – Scars

No rights: homage to a song that re-entered my mind a week ago.

I heard it on a College Musical Journal monthly compilation compact disc when I was about 16.

It took me a solid seven days of racking my brain for lyrics.

They finally appeared this morning, over coffee, to my mind’s eye, enabling me to locate this song.


Slow Train (feat. Cate Le Bon) KEVIN MORBY

No rights: homage to a favorite in the house KC.

/I am barely on the ground/

/train/train/release the fire out of me/

/I don’t wanna burn/

/from the inside/

/n’ I dunno my name and I dunno my purpose/

/I just know my place on the slow train./

Slow train coming.

I’ll be ’round the bend, this backwoods gal, from Alabama.

Boy, without a doubt…

There’s a slow, slow train coming round the bend.

I nice dreamy song for those of you with a long weekend.

Or a burning heart.

I still remember

/Standin’ on the platform waiting for that train/

/Son, you are too late now/

/Train already came/

/waitin’ on a train that’s already come/


ROBERTO BOLLE and Svetlana Zakharova ~Swan Lake. You have no idea.

No rights: homage to impeccability.

Watch how the mæstro pauses before beginning.

The opening image of Bolle with silken, horrendously large wings flying over the ballerina.


Svetlana Zakharova’s Black Swan choreography and performance dominates.

I would love to see the Swan Lake hip-hop, freestyle performance on the streets of N’awlins one day.

In that public area right next to Cafe Du Monde.
A little chicory.

A strang hum

What do you see?: his mind asks mine silently.

My mind races.

Let my cycle through my four breaths, three times each: I say..

[Time passes in our empathic silence]

My eyes hold the other’s,

In the meantime,

Strange music plays with præter-natural lyrics.

Goosebumps envelop me.

I see energy: I say.

What does that mean?: he asks

Nothing that makes much sense when put into conscious explanations: I shrug, smiling.

Tao: he says.

Tao adjacent: I respond.

Massive Attack – Voodoo In My Blood

No rights: homage to a song I cannot get enough of.

/it’s not quite right [?] / you must be a cynic/

Do you hear that jingle early in the track, too?

Like a pair of keys in hand, jangling with each step.

Here is an excellent visual tale told to a different cut of this track.

[Howl her laughin’ howls give me goosebumps everytime.]

Massive indeed.

/voodoo in my blood/

King Khan “I Wanna Be a Girl”

No rights: homage.

/I really wonder how Venus would feel if she was raised to be such heel/


I am a girl…

/They way they scratch and the things that they dream/

…but a little gender bend for the toughest of guys seems only kind at this time.

Svetlana Zakharova as Aegina, Spartacus

No rights: just homage.

Utterly unlike most other ballets with which I am familiar.

The beginning seems a bit campy. Perhaps dated.

Give it a little less than three minutes and see a reincarnated pole dance.

Watch “Brittany Howard – He Loves Me (Official Live Session)” on YouTube

No rights: homage and mega ups to Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes fame.

I saw them open for Crazy Horse in Tuscaloosa, AL.

There was a small wooden desk to stage right.

An awesome artist out of my home state.

Hometown heroes, huh?

Here are her thoughts on the South and music.
Deontay Wilder, falls into this category, too.

[sic. Wilhagan’s Irish Pub daze.]

(But, that’s another story.)

“Are You Happy Being A Schmuck? Lou Reed, Sydney 1975”

No rights: homage.

I am a part-time many things, but a full-time rock n’ roll animal.

While I am on record as not enjoying hearing musicians talk about their music, there are several notable exceptions that make the rule.

Neil Young, Johnny Lydon, Michael Stipe, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie.

But, my absolute favorite musician interviewee is Lou Reed.

This captures some of his essence.

This captures all the bizarreness of journalism and media.

“LeftSide Deafinit – Let Go (Official Video)”

No rights: homage to an artist i just came across for the first time.

Next level and on pointe.

Check out more here.

Chock full of symbolism, a vivacious beat that is well mixed, and

the video artwork left me wonderstruck.

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