Disambiguation through x is to y




Apposite: adj. Fitting ; Suitable ; Pat ; to the point

Opposite: adj. placed or set over, against, or in front of ; adverse ; contrary ; in marked contrast to something else

MacMillan’s Modern Dictionary (print 1945)


n. A situation, fact, or statement that is the opposite of another. > mathematics a theorem whose hypothesis and conclusion are the hypothesis and conclusion of another.

adj. opposite


adj. opposite in position, direction, order, or effect.

n. 1) a thing that is the opposite or reverse of another; 2) mathematics a reciprocal quantity.

Concise Oxford English Dictionary (print 2008)

Correlate: v. Have a relationship in which one thing affects or depends on another > establish a correlation between; n. Each of two or more related or complementary things.

Correlation: n. a mutual relationship of interdependence between two or more things > the process of correlating > statistics interdependence of variable quantities

Concise Oxford English Dictionary (print 2008)


The line is not: You pay for what you get.

The steganographia is not the encryption is not the transcryption,

Nor is it the ostensible coding.


The poison is the dose.

The doz>s>e is the poison.

The map is not the region.

“Here I do have a theory: Perhaps we got across because we sailed on the ocean and not on a map.”


Thor Heyerdahl

DOUBLEDAY publishing

Page (ostensibly) 341 aka M(42)

Imagine that ( x ) = x in subSCRIPT

Here you find (sub)SCrypçione

The lyric is: you get what you pay for.

Hunter versus Predator (disambiguation from Funk & Wagnalls 1943)

Predator [no entry|no subentry]

*related entry predatory

*note the ‘derived from’ information (i.e. prædor).

Curtsy Ampersand Curt-Say: A Hue of Parciful.

DAY I: She looked odd.  Not quite ill.  Unwell.

DAY II: She got lost in her dreams.

DAY III: She acquired the knowledge that she got lost in her dreams.


he had died;

he knew;

he saw his mom;

he took the professor as his


Together, they climbed the Mountain of Knowledge.

Together, they discovered their mistake;


Summit¹, 1. The highest part; the top; vertex. 2. The highest degree; maximum. [< L\f\. sum-mum, apex.]

– (_      << {[x ]} >>      _) –

acme ; apex ; cap ; climax ; crown ; height ; peak ; pinnacle ; top ; vertex

abyss ; base ; bottom ; chasm ; deep ; depth ; gorge ; gulf ; pit ; vale ; valley

sum’mit-al, α.                                                                                                    –sum’-mit-less, α.


He finished his building of the edifice.

[Open-Secret x: he had long finished building his edifice.] 

[Lesser-known≈Open-secret F(x): he thought he knew this already.  he could and would finish when it was effing good and done. or whenever the hell he felt like it. this, as proven by dint-of diligence and curiosity, proved assumption.  Not knowledge.]

Structure now structuralized, materialism became the a priori axiom.  (The god’s honest truth, mister police osiffer!)   ‘Things exist!  We see them all about.’

“Do not be foolish, young man. The abstract is the weakness of man, our curse.  For pride. For our lack of discipline over our baser instincts.  Our physical body unfurled and made manifest this gift of life, permitted our superior brains to make-manifest.  And, then we perceived; and Lo, it is good.  This blessed perception affords our dominion over the land and the beast-

Effie here. Hi. Sorry to interrupt, but she gets flowery and the lyrical-ity requires editing. Mystæ, right?  Geez.  We are short on time right-exactly-now.  As her younger sister, I periodically jump in and get to the point.  She thinks empiricists are “as non-secular” as the religious or spiritualists. Her words there.  I think she means that Academia and the Western Medical Paradigm and the Scientifics and the Technophiles, that whole lot of ’em….

Excuse me, kindly; I would be much obliged if you refrained from all or nothing/either or language, Effie. Shall we call it “a predominate number”: (or at least the loudest voices currently) of this assemblage? Regardless, science’s day of reckoning is at hand.  Hear me, now and stop huffing up at that statement.  I speak allegorically and yeah, science hates imprecision.  I call horse-apples: science does precisely what religion does.  Both systems exist non-secularly and use the same devices to reach their conclusions.  Like the≈the two extremes of the trajectory of a weightless bob that is suspended by a massive (tech.) rod moving about a point.

Arabesques ’round pivotal arcs of pendulous sways.

The parable of the parabola is parabolic::The parabola of the parable is parabolic.


Non-secular science at one pole.



Non-secular religious and spiritualists at one pole.







The Hummin’a’Bird’s Spring-Time Carol

Alice`ntious Aurora awakens.

Once titled both Eostre & Ostara, yet I was a single leaf in a tome.

One page, with two sides.

One is even numbered, and

One is odd.

Dexterously left-handed,

Playing Janice to your Janus.

We’re two, radical, two-faced diabolicals.

I was Ianna. Venus to Mesopotamia.

Aye, I


for you

from below*

Klingsor’s infernal Spring-brake decanted all over my Summer-time.

Lint in his navel fleets like the novelty of any old, new thing’s novelty.

Lent is his steed, and yet still he row, row, rows his vessel downstream.

Passover the brooks, rooks, and funny-looks.

Recall the alerity of the pages.

Nightly leaves through the knights.

Merrily. A stellar dream confusing a model of a star for the actual star.

Because the star was too perfectly a model-star.

Ingenious, artless ingenues.

Sweet sugarfoot, you were so much older way back then.

I kept your place by the fire warm.

Looking-Glass House a’lit by a bonfire built from fiddle-sticks.

Are you young enough yet that you can now remember building it?

The light housed between Castle & Tower.

Where, in our rabbit-hole, we both

Wear just to undress

And, to undress wares from.

A white March-Ingpen Hare is driven by time

As like pure snow,

Waist-coated ampersand watch-pocketed.

I un-wound cork-screw hill until I forgot my name.

So then, re-wound the same hill to get it back under-heel.

I created arabesques, atop tip-toes, atop that hill.

A top spinning atop a hill-top.

Dancing like a dervish whirling.

I eagerly awaited. The hardest part. I was much younger then.

To meet you with unapologetic exuberance.

I learned to move so quickly, that folk could neither tell nor espy if I had left and went-gone and then already nigh come-again.

Minnesænger you are to have woken me so abruptly, so long ago,

Only to immediately-then fall asleep.

And, sleep-walk so convincingly.

But, Dearheart, by mine form do not be fooled, i have a curious notion I may be inside-older than you.

Well…at least for right-exactly-now.

It is Revival.

Massive Mass.

I know your proper names; and by these appellations,

I know you have never been called.

Your proper names do not even include that & those of whom witch-named you.

They call you: Hither

They named you: Come

Entitled: ewe with a handle.

Your faux-mantles.

Only monkeys bear monikers.

They are primates; not prime mates.

Howl-ever, none of these are the word/s for what you are.

Masculine and demure, you look cold, fine ephebe.

I am always warm; bring your dark effulgence here to me.

We are axiomatic and inexorable.

Structuralism in motion,

we procreate the quintessence of

Magical realism

We posit through repose.

The sealing-wax apposed up-on

The ceiling above, from which we somehow look down and find our feet to be above.

Our im/proper pro/nouns, now in apposition, finally enable us to unface the opposition.

Unopposed we are, finally, apposit.

So, let me bring my mouth to yours.

*1) i was Ianna. The Venus of Mesopotamia.

II) A one = 1 = I = i

= One Anna

= Iann a

=1 Ann, a

one n’ a

i and a

Result æ.

A and I

Culminate Æ.