Ways of seeing.

Forward and up.

A tightrope walker knows to not look down

when toeing a path

across the line.

When nothing makes sense

Abandon yourself to the terrorifically awful awesome.
Control and compliance, there is a

subtle difference in

Ways of Seeing.

Berger the Maverick.

“Perspective centers everything on the eye of the beholder.”

Fall for the Fool.

There I was in the sunny shine shiny.

Apposite the Alps, wearing my best burlap, with berry and leaf applique.

Knapsack number eleven over the left shoulder, loosely slung.

Greyhound, red eyes, nipping at the ankles of my bare feet.

Onward, onward.

Stepping over the cliffside.

Behind me to the right, the foal of a chestnut mare looks on,


at the journey of

This Fall,

Or perhaps, s/he was just eyeing the ten and one, white lillies to my left:

I think

whilst falling,

yet still, and

looking up upon.

Translations for the Deaf.

Douglas Hofstadter wrote about Googel translate not too long ago.

As an American, foreign languages are not the priority of inner city schools, at least not the one I attended. Not, their fault either.

I failed Kiswahili enough times, in college, to blow the socks off of any Kenyan who I meet stateside.

Ninasema Casey.

No one speaks any “Swahili” here. Not enough to even make the general populace know the language is factually called Kiswahili.

Bless you, Bibi Jane. And, bless you end of term oral examiner.

Can I write my responses to your oral questions?: I asked.

No.: she responds.

Shit: I think.

I’ve worked in enough restaurants to learn functional Spanish and Kiswahili.

(A surprising number of Kenyan immigrants in B’ham, AL. Magic City

We got a Nemo walking in: Robert would call to his kitchen, at Tavern on the Summit, whenever a catch of the day ticket came through. Howlarious.

But fish don’t walk, Robert: I’d always say

[After dinner rush, in the alley, smoking a cig.

Me: I thought “fish” was “samaki” in Kiswahili.

Robert: No, dummy. Nemo, like the movie.



I listened to this show, just now.

A few phrases in foreign languages hooked my attention.

I connect to Catalan, Frisian, and Corsican.

Don’t ask why, because I don’t justly know.

I love playing with Translate ever since the Hofstadter article.

But, I don’t have friends like his, to give feedback on the intimacies of Translate’s inadequacies.

On a cru que les données allaient nous libérer: appears in type face on the screen behind the band.

I make haste to Translate.

To triangulate my linguistic location.

If the phrase is in Frisian it translates to: On a cru que les données allaient nous libérer.

It translates to itself.

If the phrase is in either French or Corsican it translates to: it was believed that the data would free us.

In Corsican, the same spellings translate to: where it’s raw than the others were waiting for release again.

Hot and beautiful. Both.

Désormais ton monde est ainsi fait: appears in type face on the screen behind the band.

I make haste to Translate.

To triangulate my linguistic location.

If the phrase is in Frisian it translates to: this is a ton of things to do.

If the phrase is in French it translates to: now your world is so made.


It is like that?

Because we are perceivers, that is why?

There is only causation because we create it?

We created the Why?

We have an inborn propensity to see causation. We attribute our perceptions to external causes, but some perceptual representations are internal, for instance, optical illusions.

[Consciousness] is an evolved user-illusion, a system of virtual machines.

David C. Dennett. The Evolution of Minds: from bacteria to Bach. 2017

The voice of knowledge wants to know what everything means, to interpret everything that happens in our lives.

DM Ruiz & DJ Ruiz. 2010, p124 & 13. ISBN 978-1-878424-61-7

Rider and Driver

I reminded myself of my freedom upon awakening this morning.

Howl easy it is to say that word without meaningful intent.

Free from what?: you may ask.

I don’t know. Myself? Selective desires? What I wanted for other people?

My love of this particular previous mode of life.

I can keep my love and desire anywhere.

Choice and temperance decides if I wilt.

I choose to keep some with you because I can.


Hansel and Gretel breadcrumbed the path of the trail taken.

The coach benched the less adept players.

They were told that they were lucky to make the team at all.

Tuned in ghosts may be friendly, right Casper?

My vocabulary grows.


Giggle. Howl fun it is to smile at what others assumed would wreck you.

Howl I laugh at myself until ’til I cry.

Howl strange it makes me feel efficacious.

Everyone can name a thing that or a person who

they want.

Can they evidence a pursuit of the want?

How long can their arms carry wood during the winter.

How much sun can their skin take from the summer?

Silly beast, did you think an invoice for work done would be presented?

Flatter your-being a little more. But,

do not flatter your-self.


The junko flits about the porch upon which I sit.

I doubt s/he has a plan or a concern for my prescence.

S/he is

hungry enough. To naught,

care to hide.

Stellars’ Jays are more self-aware. They won’t come over.

They just look on from the apposite rooftop.

Both can fly.

I know you can run, but can you lift off?

Why taxi on a runway

when there are

highways and byways?

A hitchhiker and a driver.

There is romance to it,

if you survive.


I know you are a bullet. Don’t make me dodge you.

Shoot to kill, huh.

Catch and release?

I am not endangered so don’t bother.

Shoot to wound?

Crueler and more unusual.

Taxi your own dermis first because your trophies are only relevant to you.

Are you a trophy in anybody else’s eyes?

They will clean you regularly and prominently display you.

They may continue to amass more trophies.

Devaluation of a trophy holder not a trophy.

Top Quotes from Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco became like a new Hermann Hesse to me, over the last two years.

I have only read Foucault’s Pendulum and On Literature, but these were undertakings filled with amazing rabbit holes.

I recently reread the pages of notes I took from Foucault’s Pendulum. A very hermetic-y work, at least to my unaffiliated eyes.

Here are my favorites.

Believe there is a secret and you will feel like an initiate. It costs nothing…to live as if there were a Plan.

To dismantle the world into two saraband of anagrams.

Le monde est fait pour aboutir a un livre (faux).

Tout se tient.

Books of diabolicals must not innovate.

Yearning for mystery. Initiation is learning never to stop.

The most powerful secret is a secret without content.

Foucault’s Pendulum

Umberto Eco, Author, Eco, Author, William Weaver, Translator Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) (656p) ISBN 978-0-15-132765-2. Trade edition.


I see enough motion to let it hold me


I hear enough sound to let it shut my mouth.

Choices made

Timely dummy.

A day spent in an automobile.

The free riff of the exhaust pipe of a car in front of you in

Traffic just makes want a smoke today.

I opt not.

Vaporization. No combustion like an engine.

Nicotine: grease stopping the grinding of gears.

Politics prattle, pressing patience, like so much blood into wine,

Sounds of it waft, as aromas, into my ears for sniff n’ smell.

Emerge from a news blackout to find your-self

A Stranger in a Strange Land;

yet, still, I feel like every-thing

I missed, while sleeping, slept, also.

So, Who is on first, yeah?

But, who is lucid?

Underwriting College Electorates

Glass blown to be exploded and recapitulated;

An album sleeve painted on a deadline;

The record of your time-frame.

A jewel-disc case

is resonant to a cassette; but,

it is not the book.

Provide an open-secret viz a viz a well-demarcated rabbit~hole.

Spray painted peri-

meter to warn that:



own your risk.

Quote Like Song Lyrix Stuck in my Head

Eclecticism is self-defeating not because there is only one direction in which it is useful to move, but because there are so many: it is necessary to choose.

THE INTERPRETATION OF CULTURES: Selected Essays. Geertz, Clifford. Basic Books, Inc., Publishers. New York, 1973.


Works worx.

It all works.

Rocks move themselves in a small dance.

He said: they form a semi-chorus line and do the can-can; but, you can only see it from


“You fly?”

“Well, I went to flight school.”

“What was that like?”

“Well, I visited the campus.”

I smile. You endeared yourself to me.

Dreams are always loveable.


Full frontal impresario.

Trying to hard

To get it done.

Howl I can-can


Proof of I.D.

It is infinitely easy to identify with someone

(but not any-body?).

So you hate cool, swift breezes on hot days?

I don’t.

I leaf notes to future me.

Encryption ain’t the new


They remind me to

Remember right.


This is a thread to me.

Leaves about a spine.


For no-one but page


Beta Testing the Block

I step out for fresh air.

A test of a weakness.

An ankle.

Something cut down before ampersand after it grew.


A bit of pink on loam.


Two sets of fox gloves, where before there was one,

for anyone to slip on.


A well-placed curve.


A root-ball as seen from one angle.


Threads of scarf couple with a fallen blossom on the asphalt.


The most-intense yellow mimics the fields of North Umbrian rapeseed pastures.


Juxtaposed upon green.

As seen from a train.

The Dangerous Difference b/w Should & Could

Should vs. Could.

A disambiguation í examine within myself prior to jumping to my dictionaries; because, the distinction causes dissonance within myself.

For instance, if you tell me Í should do something Í wince.

Howl if Í know why.

If you tell me í could í feel appreciative.

Could refers to actionable phenomenon. Capable of manifesting.

Should refers to the realm of thought; implies a best course of action.

Just because you should do something does not necessarily mean that you could.

Just because you could do something does not necessarily mean that you should.

Is should a moot point or a hung jury?

Slapped By The Sun in the Forest

The sun shocks the forest today.

What looks like white flowers turn out to be hard rays of light slapping against the greenery.

Just dots of rays slicing through.

Strange yellows descend into the green haze.  White Light.

Heat of the summer begins.




(The shaded stele.)



Someone wore a white sox.


Bugging flowers.

Buzzing flies and humming bees.

Hiss and Hush

and you can creep right up and observe.


Who went here? I w/o/ander.

The visual heat of the light makes it easier to see a thing by the shadow it is



Roots reaching.

Balling out and into.20190611_1143126097203433938437498.jpg


A lee.

Shelter and cover.

Shade being thrown over you.20190611_1143295143255687532570050.jpg

The cottonwood graces those spiderwebs which are so finely spun they are only indicated by the cottonwood snow.


Flight caught from above and below.


A containment of water.

A o O 0

A circle almost completed.


Ferns shade a shallow empoolment of liquid.

The evaporation will be affected.

Effect of dissipating one state of matter


another one.


Water Moving.


Water Still.





A very tiny rabbit hole, unless you are tiny.


Light falling on water

Hidden in the corner.


Glassy separation not frozen.


To the edge.


These are the chambers.

There are levels.

Of a ladder.

Alice says.


Four out of five days a new mole surfaced only to fall asleep







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