cassette à fleur

I shift shoulders,

Crackly, a’tængled.

Naught not knotted.

Capacity and current

Contained by my spine.


Runs amok until

Corrected to both

convex & concave


Back braced

And arching.



To arrow.

Column of my chord.

Given immobility put to good use

In postures

Not posturing.

Posing but no poser.

Calf cramps

Paces inside

In sides.

Sidling as slides.

Sliding the sphere of my cəntər


And əntərs.

My abdomen to

My solar plexus


To my head.

Red , Terracotta , orange

Yellow , Green, Indigo.




All then red.

When cultivating a rose, they account for size, form, color,


Stem & Foliage




(but wə can turn anything into a competition, I’d wager)

An ugly rose?


Birds and bees do not notice.

Lao Tzu or The American Rose Association Rule Book.

Misnamed. Mislabeled.


Dont let the roses pick up on that vibe.

Or the glass embracing it might break.

The rose and the vase.

This translates to a title.

Awhite awit. De-lis

Whirling padded fan blades

Belt around in circles.


Edifying eddies of easy breezes

Above me.

Pink & blue light

Nearly a wishing sky meandering on my wall.




Everyday reaching one more yard.






Someone fell down?


In front ampersand behind.

(All a front for)





Red rocks the remain

chilled & a’cold

/Des-/In spite constant sunshine.

To spite.


Bell Rock



Belle appealing.

Upturned. Un toward.

A forward.


Word afore

A nameless, unspoken



The server dropped the tray of glasses

Right after saying, “Don’t worry I’m a professional.”


Could not out plates down fast enough

Before picking up new ones.


Feet bones cracklin

Pork ears

The following morning

IT sent an email.

Meanwhile, the coil leaked.

And my hair sits flat today.

And I smile.

At a memory.

You said noodles used to be tradeable.

(Funk & Wagner photo)

Parsigal Proem by A. Ladder

The words really do get curious and capricious. I am Alice Ladder; and even the hair on my arms stood on end. Hair-raising. Un baffoon ambulent I must have appeared on my walk home.

Parcigal is lovesome, diligent, loyal and kind. But the gal is also lewd and licentious. A real hærlot. Engaging in all sorts of hærlotries, and what not. She is a complete philolofile. Thinks she’s pretty funny.

Vitz. She really likes words and is a lovesome dummy.

Before we meander Hear I make three formal remarks below. The rest is simply me doing my best.

Alice Ladder

Carroll, VVündųrlvnd

TIMESTAMP: 07/09/10 15:00

》All knowledge is nothing more than symbolism.

》》 Word is bond and magic. Be impeccable. Do not use it against yourself either.

》》》What you see inside the mirror is just an image of reality; which means it is virtual reality. It is a dream.


i. surprising disclosure of a previously unknown

ii. remarkable thing

iii. supranatural ; præterhuman ; divine ; daimonion

*remember that we must distinguish between a homo dormien (sleeping human) from a homo vigilance (waking man).

“A private individual.”


Just a “fellow temple-servant.”

Homo-doulus with the swans kuknoi.

Word has it that Socrates believed his master [despotēs] gifted him a prophetic capacity [mantike] not inferiors to that of swans.

Metathesis: transposition or interchange.

Metastatics: change and shifting

Metatithemi: interpose, change a meaning.



Pure Fools talk freely.

So listen closely.

Everyone’s gonna shout.

Babble on anon, anon.

Prettification per Parcigal

Parcigal learned the powers of personal appearance, nearly two decades past. She learned its ability to exploit and/or to be exploited, nearly a decade ago. Hell, all gals did where she was from, Alabam, the Dirty South. Personal appearance stood as the primary source of feminine efficacy (next to blood kin).

The place where they raised her never addressed that which she regularly pondered: the long game for pretty lady face.

This type of prettification during youth resulted in an aged-self prettifying to remain relevant, as a new generation of beautiful gals arose.

The true Tao seemed to be finding Beauty unmasked.

Bare face.

No jewelry.


She started to let her face be as it is. Washed it, moisturized it, but that was all.

She became the appearance of the female she was.

She did this, going about daily public interactions, until she knew her face,

Became the female she is.

Then she wields the power of makeup’s masking properly. Not defensively.

Parcigal lived her dream of Art. She reinterpreted Myshkin anew, unbound to previous ties made.


Of course now, books are more often quoted than read.

The once enumerable is now innumerable.


Parcigal recoils from monastic traditions. It is being one a crowd, faceless.

Initiation required heavy control over the individual’s entire life. Gives very little free will. They seperate sexes, assuming gals are even allowed at all. It imparts a tacit intent to shame the sexual nature of the h. sapien mammal. She does not doubt the resiliency of these traditions. But, her energy does not run properly in their circuits.

She recoils from secret societies and erudite traditions, because she distrusts agendas she agrees to but cannot fully see. It feels, in her mind, like blindly giving away power.

But she is wary. She is also extremely lovesome.

A lovesome nature required diligence.

What was the use of sensualism with a resonant partner?

Why was this primal magic so hidden?

Magnetism and electricity.


Conductive bodies are conducive to utilizing each resonant body.

By nature.

So, in her Fool way, she left her Ewer the note below.

The morning after she spent her first night in the handmade.

Before she snuck out (after two minutes of hard doting on his sky-eyes) without rousing him.

Underwriting Hypertextuality

Your lodestone enchants. I become your apposite:

Your loadstone.

Beloved in the three syllable (not two) sense.

My candid roses still bloom this winter;

Ruby flower petals reveal from buds;

A damsel draped in folds of purple silk.

A white horse under a blue silk saddle cloth.

A man adorned in vermillion,

caped in green silk.

Such is the mysterious experience of my soul. In catharsis.

Diabolical. Not good or evil. Beyond.

Strike your lucifermatch.

I can smell smoke as the head burns off of its length of woodstick.

Elemental and erudite. Enough already.

We need jesters not warriors.

We need simple fools in love.

Idiots both humble and at ease.

Affined anew.

Concupiscence becomes more about accompaniment than being accompanied.

Aged like a fine thing, and


Ripening like a quickening.

Alephic aview.

Inverting Bodies in Motion

What happens if inertia, itself, becomes inert?

Does this mean then that the tendency of matter would be to embrace acceleration?

Displacing a disposition to remain inactive with a

novel propensity for motion?

Latin inert-, iners

unskilled ; idle ; motionless

Abject and supine.

Sounds harsh.

But synomously we find base,

A supporting or carrying ingredient

The bottom of something considered as its support

It is from here we may erect initially.

It is at base where we find the tendency of inertia rendered inert.