Watch “I’ve Got A Feeling (Naked Version / Remastered 2013)” on YouTube

Why do i love this song?

Infinitely relatable and self-referential.

Can anyone say what the feeling is?

Seems to just be A feeling.


I get that/those too!

Hum, huh?

Beta Testing the Block

I step out for fresh air.

A test of a weakness.

An ankle.

Something cut down before ampersand after it grew.


A bit of pink on loam.


Two sets of fox gloves, where before there was one,

for anyone to slip on.


A well-placed curve.


A root-ball as seen from one angle.


Threads of scarf couple with a fallen blossom on the asphalt.


The most-intense yellow mimics the fields of North Umbrian rapeseed pastures.


Juxtaposed upon green.

As seen from a train.

Watch “Pink Floyd – On The Run” & here me wax-on poetic/s.

No rights, just pure homage

to the first electronica/synth jam i ever heard in my entire life.

At least as far back as i can speculatively conjecture.

I was around age 5.

The daydreams i could and can enliven when actively listening to this cut

border on the absurd;

but, when carrying a double edged sword, Damocles, the most important


To remember is: it has two sharp sides.

And, Damocles, apparently it hangs directly above you.

Observation only.

Already working on ambidexterity?

Genius it is to observe this track sidling itself betwixt the tracks finding themselves apposite ampersand opposite.

Facing each other as well as arching, in honest, desperate, curiosity.

(i.e. it plays well b/w the two songs between which it falls.)

A valley between twin peaks

Which can also serve us as a


Uses from time to time.

Love it much. Dig.


Welcome to another lunar side, i suppose.

Treat yourself.

Listen to it cans on and try to discern the voices.


De-laced in the Forest: A short, interesting jaunt.

My hiking boots (both members of the pair) suffer split laces.

They lace up through eyelets.  It takes a toll on the strings to pull the tops taut.

They have a lot of character.

This is why I resist swapping them out.

An old friend even nabbed me a pair of replacement laces.


The boot (right one) lace finally snapped such that the lace was too short to even serve its function.

This occurred before I set out today.  As I tied my shoes.

I thought: I could replace the lace.

I then thought: meh, just make do and get on with the walking.

That is what I did.


The makeshift knot did not stay tied. I stop and retie one way.

The then makeshift knot did not stay tied.

So, I just got on with walking with an untied shoe.

Stubborn. Giggle.

I hit the trail head.


A tree snapped overnight.

It lays splayed with a bayonet.

I realize that if I walk with my right foot to the very edge of the right side of the trail, the lace will flop through the soft grass instead of dancing and bobbing in bounces upon the paved trail.


My attention is hooked and I relish the realization.

Despite its silly, triviality.

And, I do not feel silly or bad for the momentary smile that spreads over my face.

But, then I realize, the walking has not occurred.


You can see the bench upon which I stop as I head back,

to consider the lace.


I rip the wearied threads until only the still enstrengthened portion remains.

It changes the pressure supporting my right foot.

I enjoy the feeling and shift on the way home.



Suppose it is time to replace the laces.

But who knows?

Forest Down: It snowed Cottonwood


A yellow monarch on

bloom flutters-by.

That is not random light, it is a worm

suspended by a satin string.

Spinning mid-air.


of the path.

Is that a good or a bad day for the creature?


Hanging by a plant,

pint and a praeter-prayer.


One branch a’loosened. Snapped. Remaining.

The bark of a

tree’s tread. Rubber meeting road-air.



Veined loam.

20190610_135552700335058920421122.jpg Detritus.




A feather/s lost is no

clipped wing but


Bird might have gone


I well-aged pair of companions.


Purple seeps in.


Light hangs in



Gone before you can even blink.

Driven snow around and on the ground.