Reel to Real

Transition equal

the changing of the

guard or the gourd?

Howl. Giggle.

Does this and that prove x, yet?

Did it hurt, ewe?

Tell me true.

Folks ain’t used to fools acting differently?

Do, do what you do.

I know. and

I do.

allow people to hear anew

Vessel unvasseled.

No game, no simple-tool, not an achievement

not religions.

Love in the key note of the tonic

of a practice of ecstasy.


Just breathe.


Method before theory, dummy.

Fear versus fright

on the fight or flight

that wilt be




Howl I smile.

New does not mean novel, dear.

Praise, you say?

What’s that like, I say?

I caw-ckle aloud but only inside.

Hun, if it is not a game then there is no

prize to win.

Just a desire to hunt and

that is regardless of the financial costs some

enobligate in self-defense.

I am fickle, am I?

I am love and love hated.

Loved hatred and hatred loved.

I submit that I am written.

Tolle lege.

The lesson is

it does not matter what

The lesson is

Don’t overlook the symbols.

I was taught we inherit the problems of a previous, now non-corporeal generation,

but, I don’t believe we can

blame ourselves for their

patterns within which we


find ourselves.

A carbonic processing of your pinot.



The guy in the corner?

A martial artist.

A soldier in disguise.

Blacklisted for the blackbelt earnt in logistics.

The Nature of the Forest Today

This is juxtaposition


This is not syncretism.


Chains trying to work in nature.

Snake espied. First thing.



Sea Foam, cool green.

Longitudinal and kindly striped


Per se.


Feedback on me.

Otherwise, the robin in the rain makes better company currently.

Such a saucy fellow.

Showers always made


…wait for it.20190608_1223286458269038784145332.jpg

The sky confused and

confusing time changing.20190608_1224274722506816231746345.jpg

Protective turns opulent in opalescence.


The beauty of opening.20190608_1233432986746953645709405.jpg

The beauty of splaying.


Time-resistant skin.

Elegant rhinosarus-dermis.

Still moist, somehow.20190608_1237112307176480307766013.jpg

Meets the confusion of curves.

Collective noun style.


In ever widening circular cases of you, ewe.

In you.

You in.20190608_1239068898421282927636058.jpg

I hear you, here.

Look at you bellowing, pretty thing.20190608_1240275914448220373648531.jpg

Cottonwood seed absorbs in its resonant, spidery remains.


Arching in ecstasy.

Boughing and bowing

Bowled over.



Create foam.


Some tire so completely

they resurface on their


and asleep.

Three such gents just this week.

Suppose it makes the fly’s feast.20190608_125309518728743505912448.jpg

Do you remember meeting here?

Where tree grows out of


Dog esshit or esshinola?


The buzzing of the approaching nearing the a’spread.


Alit on the globe.

Buzz, you say?

Humm, is what I say.

Also, Howl.







Audacious but also perspicacious.

You are specious?

Mavericks engage, enjoin, but remain unbranded unless approached.

Preempting pretensions of perhaps not.

Predating any prior existing periodicity,

Yet, í would still underwrite your risk again.

She keeps the tiny medal from your coat’s


Attached to original brown bag wrapping.

She sleeps by it every night.

The true meaning of í am almost always thinking of you




She had learned sleeping is tiresome.

Right side, fetal about the pillow to consider this

Left side to mediate the other side.

On my back when a moment is needed.

That it hurts a little.

That mystery of an unknown answer holds me fast and securely.

Could he and it too quicken?

Eight Miles on Foot Later

I passed a snake sunnjng its belly on the path.

Unconcerned and un-aggressive.

I passed two small, white-tailed hares that quickly scampered home into the bramble.

I cried for a man i miss painfully today.