Descriptive Despotism.

Scant and off-standish. I confuse for oscillation.

Busied with nothing, they are.

Ashade & alee, ally & algæ.

Predicated upon such a predicament.

Do what, now…

In/Transitive verbs. Inert momentum gave the other dog the upper leg.

I asked the CAT scan tech:

Can you have electric without magnetic?

Field/ed/ naught.

He grinned; I passed out.

Suzie Q got graham crackers.

She can still write in cursive correct.

They do not teach it anymore.

Skills being disvalued.

After being discounted

Only creating future demand.

We are no orthodox sun-dwellers, dear.

Such is a sweet thrill.

Pity the would-be achievers; they will never enjoy their achievements

Until they learn to love strangers.

My apprehension now apprehended.

Eyes narrowed and lips

Pursed. Spawning focus.

Now, your lips purse, pucker up, as you

Awaken into a dream, falling into sleep.

My sweet Poliphilio.

Your own right hand pressed to your cheek. The scratchy friction of just a bit of beard to the back of your hand.

Your fingers curl slowly.

Except your pointer. It alone rests atop the left shoulder, too.

A top,

The bend of a knuckle, the one next to the nail.

Holding until held.

Pucker ampersand purse. Your lips. Again. Deeper you fall.

Twitching tap of that

Pointer fingertip to clavicle.

Across pectoral, sternum, and pectoral.

I start my next sentence but we idle in the æyther and I recognize.

In our idyll. The approach.

An image, but not one of whom I recognize.

Encircled and fuzzy in capture.

Encapturing the same arm

To the same shoulder.

It will not be long now. This will drop.

My brow and focus unfurrows and

Then uplifts in honest realization and disappointed resignation to the moment.

My eyes no longer two half moons.

Becoming oval saucers.

Serving platters for huge dinner parties,

Big enough to hold the head of John the Baptist (aka the Revelator).

And, at the feast,

I see the eyes and hear the hush of the hushed. They peer in on this meal with faces stoic and smug.

Held in their voluntary vanity

That holds their faces involuntarily so.

I asked the Old Man. The who no one ever done met:

Does your mountain happen to be Sugar or Magic?

He grinned

And asked:

Have you heard of The Mountains of Madness?

I nod. I know. I read and read. Now.

Knotting and loosening.

Hand in hand.

No juxtapositing but aligning and allying periodicities.

The sacrosanct of a reluctant headliner.

He said: now you know a secret; man can fail.

I said: that’s only a revelation to your men.

Morgan saw detail.

Meredith saw the night sky.

Rachel saw in between.

Portrait. Picture perfect.

A Concealment of Collective Nouns

Morbid effery from the monkeyed,

Landed gentry.

Luxurious as late night coffee with heavy cream.


All the crawfish fixing to get boiled.

Cloves of garlic

Resting on claws

Coalescing correlations.

Corrections to iterations

Deshelled and /de/tailed


Silver eyes against armor-alled all red

Whiskers a’faced to

Terraced tails.

Rampant mud and bug

With a dropped bouquet.

The slow crawl of the limited engagement

Leaves above my head.


Í will make you look up and remember the sky.

You forget your breath


You lose a life.

I forged injunctions

Duplicitous & with steely reinforcement.


The pleasure of the written word. Consummate.

The change in our handwriting over time.

Fingering out your new font

Of pen scratch.



And my rhythm dictates a tempo for our saraband.


You should always carry a handkerchief.

Cotton is fine. Print or naught.

It is not you that will use it


So remove from that top drawer.

Overly ajar.


A black rectangle

Framed in an indigo field. Ræching.


What do we know of destruction?

Or why the paper need be canary.

Elongation in enunciation is

A mispronunciation.

Two blankets for the two ankles outside


Headed stones of fuzzy beasts


Atop footed cherrywood.

Vascular knotted circuitry


A slip of the hips,

a flick of fingers.

Full affront of the suites

Merely one of a sort of resorts available

To your privy.

The pluck of pages.

Should they dissuade?

Is it prey to the præter-?

They said some really mean things about some really mean people. What do you suppose that means?

Felled and befell.

Sometimes it is hard to tell an l from I from a 1.

But no one ever mentions this.

A notice noticed. Even if misunderstood.

I drank the coffee to stay

Sharp in my sleep.

I sleep with a steno


Petrified enfossil.

A sordid seizure of a hardened fruit pit.


Where countenance meets disposition.

Heavy like

Wet denim.