The suspenseful declension inclined

clinal curves of conviviality.

It makes me smile, then shirk

…then smile again

eye rolling down into a shoulder shrugging rasp laugh.

{you gotta be quite-quiet when you live in an apartment}

Inclinations are just

as they ever are, even if others are disinclined.

A kind retired woman lives below my flat.

Kindly uncompassionate and compassionately unkind.

{or vice versa}.

The difference between merciless and unmerciful.

{or vice versa}.

Piece x-million.

Preclude the possiblity of


phase shifts nor

relectant troubadours.

Ones that hide on a lit stage



Have you scene the world as though there is

no division?

Now we just look for one another having grown

lonely & old

and alone.

I see you (all) as being pieces of my missing self.

Tolle lege.

Aspire to kindness.

but, own up or

just be.

Watch “I’ve Got A Feeling (Naked Version / Remastered 2013)” on YouTube

Why do i love this song?

Infinitely relatable and self-referential.

Can anyone say what the feeling is?

Seems to just be A feeling.


I get that/those too!

Hum, huh?