Our Outréness & Control (disambiguation: outré)


; not confirming to traditions of:

; behavior ; customs ; style ; Usage

Outré adj ————————–(current English usage above).

,Strikingly-odd, Bizarre, Extravagant, Exaggerated,

Outréness n, [pl/sing] ——————-(Eng usage).

,Strikingly-odd, the Bizarre, the Extravagant, the Exaggerated,

Outrér v, [past participle]——————-(French usage-specific)

,To carry to excess,

Outrance n, [pl -s] ——————————(Eng usage)

*proper prepositional pairing = ‘at’ or ‘to’

,the last extremity,

Middle English: outré

not confirming to traditions of behavior, customs, style, usage

Middle French: outrer

to pass by and over come. SURPASS

Middle French: outre


Middle English: outraunce

À outrance






tour, out


Ore [amper-sand] Orer

Author: writtencasey

I am fascinated by the scientific endeavor and I read about or engage with those processes as much as possible. I am a compulsive reader and writer. With a background in anthropology and as an arm-chair/backyard scientist, I hope to improve my writing skills and learn about any areas of weakness or misunderstanding in my analytic skills. I am excited to share. Thank you for spending time here. Please reach out if you are so inclined. I'd be excited to hear from you.

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