Harlot to Freedom [disambiguation]


1. Lewd woman; prostitute

2. obsolete, a male servant; a churl

3. A woman in contempt

Per se: anyone, male or female of low birth.

[From Old French ‘herlot’, fellow. ]


1. Low-bred, surly fellow

2. A sordid person

3. A peasant

4. English historical, Anglo-Saxon freeman of the lowest rank or without rank.

[From Anglo-Saxon ‘ceorl’, man.]


Rude, hard to work or manage, intractable


1. Characterized by lust, lustful; carnal- licentious

2. Provencial or Archaic, morally depraved, vicious, wicked

[See the Anglo-Saxon ‘læwed’, lay]


1. promiscuous and unprincipled in sexual matters

2. Archaic, disregarding accepted rules, especially in grammar or literary style

Came into Middle English from the Latin ‘licentiosus’ from ‘licentia’, freedom.]

Funk & Wagners, 1943

Oxford English Concise, 2008

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