Mitigate versus Litigate



Transitive verb form (will/able to take both in/direct objects)

Make (a claim) the subject of a lawsuit; have a court contest about

Intransitive verb form (that does not take. a direct object.

Go to law; take legal proceedings

L.=Latin ; C(x) e.g. C17 = 17th century aka the 1600’s.

Weird, huh?

L. lītigo, dispute<līs, lītis, strife, quarrel.]

<L. litigatus, past participle of litigo, strive]

ORIGIN C17 (earlier (C16) as litigation): from L. litigat-, litigare ‘to dispute in a lawsuit’, from lis, lit- ‘lawsuit’


v.t. = transitive verb

v.t. make less severe, harsh, rigorous, or painful

Mitigation (n.) lessening; abatement; to render or become less harsh or painful; make or become milder; assuage



L. mītigo < mītis, mild, gentle.]

<mitis, mild, + ago, make.]

ORIGIN ME: L. mitigat-, mitigare ‘soften, alleviate.’

*derivations from 3 print dic.s. citation available upon request

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4 thoughts on “Mitigate versus Litigate”

      1. I think I was trying to express my frustration between “laying claim” and “not being so harsh”. I keep going because I started all of this for a reason, so… surely I should keep going? Although I don’t remember why I started lol

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      2. Do you think you should continue? If you do not remember why you started how can you be sure you should continue? I work in method. I have i sights. I know nothing. I enjoy embracing the friction. I seek love, i am love, i keep it with others. I only hate myself.


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