A Sign of, The southern cross

A Sign of, The southern cross

As solar ræs alchemicalize water to solid dirt,

I ask the twelve year old:

Can you tell me what the difference is between a child and

a kid?

(Joke gotten.)

S/he laughed. I smiled.

Spiralin’, perfect circles

refuse to come into focus.

[I/1/i/one time]



/Nigh/ a year ago, Uris (a brown bear) & Æ

walked you through this forest.

Clear and right to another plane.

It was the dead



We passed a couple, bodies doubled,

back on

this slat.

They saw us thru.

I laughed. Startled.

Bemused, i held anxious Uris back.

A month later the

gatekeeper (let me a’) passed with a “god bless.”

It was not the night I went dancing in the dark woods.

This was the


The kids twisted metal.

The dragonfly


You, this flower.

A spoonful can



weigh a tonne.

Just as much as the difference

One inch this or that way

Can make


the AbovE & THE bELOW


A watery sky, waves below from on the surface.

A tree finds itself well-positioned.

Author: writtencasey

I am fascinated by the scientific endeavor and I read about or engage with those processes as much as possible. I am a compulsive reader and writer. With a background in anthropology and as an arm-chair/backyard scientist, I hope to improve my writing skills and learn about any areas of weakness or misunderstanding in my analytic skills. I am excited to share. Thank you for spending time here. Please reach out if you are so inclined. I'd be excited to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “A Sign of, The southern cross”

  1. The space between us, forgotten were hidden. Their faces stricken from memori sapiens. Kitty and cassowary, fetch the platypus here. Hush now little monster, save your cries. Mama is coming to heel the light. Father is some where else at work, earning dollars as souldeath: the currency of earth.

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