Motor Mouth

To break the invisible nothingness. To turn your glass house into a looking-glass house where people gather all alone to lookout on their own outlooks. Turning out, sucking bellies in. Broadcasting.

Transcript of the transcryption was the cipher of your steganography.

The forest beside my house is stunning. An impromptu ambient music piece was performed when I left for my walk the other day. The turning on and off of machinery. Bird calls and tapping hammers. Then again, maybe it was all in my head.

‘He said “It’s all in your head”

And I said “So’s everything”

But he didn’t get it’.

Except, I am all in. I don’t fold but I bend and stretch.

Love defies cost.


Ruthless introspection. A hesitancy towards interrupting. An assumption that “if I’m being honest” is a redundant statement. A rather primal love of testing the limits of my understanding.

A people pleasing nature that struggles. A devil’s advocate that cannot resist running her mouth and asking follow up questions. The kids call it getting to the next screen, I believe.


Presentiment masquerading. Uninvolved observers evaluating.

That is why fools try too hard. Is caring creepy?

Giggle. I can be!

The world is just too surprising. We are born wild and subjected to domestication wherein we learn to be mindful of the opinions others have and present of us to ourselves. Where we learn to fit the molds others would like to see us fill. We learn to enjoy expressing and developing opinions on any number of things. I can run my mouth off better than many and cannot always back everything up. Dummy up is my M.O.

The best thing about getting a LP/EP in a physical format, no mp3 or livestream, is that it is very hard to take care of.

Prepositional ending intended.

Author: writtencasey

I am fascinated by the scientific endeavor and I read about or engage with those processes as much as possible. I am a compulsive reader and writer. With a background in anthropology and as an arm-chair/backyard scientist, I hope to improve my writing skills and learn about any areas of weakness or misunderstanding in my analytic skills. I am excited to share. Thank you for spending time here. Please reach out if you are so inclined. I'd be excited to hear from you.

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