Lucid: a fuzzy word (disambiguation with 3 dics.)

LUCID broadly reduces to the three senses below. The Latin roots of ‘lucid’ signify: bright/shine/light.

1: mentally sane;

2: clear; easy to understand

3: giving forth light; shining; bright; luminous

(lucid dreaming is only given as a subsense in 1 dic.)

LUCIFER (the entry immedately following ‘lucid’ in all dics.) The correspondence is ‘light’ and/or ‘shining.’

Latin roots = light bringing/light bearing

1: morning star = the planet Venus when it rises in the morning

2: Satan; Prince of Darkness; Devil

3: match for striking a light

(Luciferous = emitting light)

UNLUCID = especially unintelligent, obscure

Lucidity relates to a clearness, soundness, even transparent, but these meanings are created by virtue of “light shining in.”

In ‘unlucid’, I presume there is a lack of light, perhaps this is “the darkness that obscures.”

LUCIFER is allegorical device meant to elucidate some estoteric or hermetic principle?

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