Fin de Siècle & Lebensraum (words on index cards you are trying to discern)

Fin de Siècle is French for “end of century.”

Reference the English idiom “turn of the century” (turn of the screw?)

Re: the closing of one era and the onset of another

Term refers to the end of the 19th century – period of ‘degeneration’ but simultaneously a period of hope for a new beginning.

Spirit of fin de siècle: refers to cultural hallmarks that were recognized as prominent in the 1880’s and 1890s

i.e. ennui, cynicism, pessimism.

Artists catalyzed this as impetus for movements like Symbolism and Modernism

Also, a general belief that civilization leads to decadence (see Freud. Civilization and Its Discontents).

Also, became a major influence on fascism. (?)

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