Consider “R.E.M. Crush with Eyeliner”: Southern punk

Keep in mind these boys was outta Georgia (pronounced gee-or-ja).

Slick ass song. Knowledge of the band’s backstory qualifies this song for punk status.

Impressively apt, sardonic, and nonchalantly bold given the socio-cultural setting from which they emerged.

The Dirty South (american) ain’t so famously hospitable to its own if they don’t act right.

REM helped begin to open minds.


In areas with strong currents of cultural homogeneity…

(places where like-minded people have political control, religious influence, and both the financial and social currency to back these up), places like all places, places were regular, good people generally try and think that they are doing their best. like you. and me.)

…outliers are not well-tolerated.

Much like the way statistics may choose to formulate its treatment of those non-standard members of any given data set (sic. matrix).

If you record the result of the same experiment being repeated over and over a statistically significant number of times (iteration/Law of Large Numbers), and then note that on one occasion the result the experiment yielded was way, way dissimilar to the other results, you may then designate it as a statistical anmoly.

Termed an outlier: A member of the set that qualitatively and quantitatively appears alien when viewed in contrast to the uniformity of the character (standard distributions about a bell curve) of all other set members.

It is not uncommon to simply dismiss outliers from your analysis of the data. Just pretend their correlative relationship to the other data points insignicant.

Not affective. Like not even there. Incapable of producing change. To Unaffect.

To alienate the affection/loyalty of ; to fill with discontent & unrest. To Disaffect.



Perhaps the issue is that the mathematical formulae chosen and applied to the data set (in order to yield analysis and enable analyization of that object we study) are improper.

e.g. trying to explain a nonlinear system using linear mathematics: results will (always) be yielded when math is applied, but how useful are they and what do they ignore?

The phrase is “the outlier’s effect on our object of inquiry is statistically insignificant (aka mathematically negligable) so we will not include it when we analyze our data with math formulas.”

Statistical Insignificance.

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