Mix tape to the World. Soul Funk. Rev. James Brown. A Maverick.

I did not know about James Brown.

Ha! I believed it was sexy-good-time music: good beat; easy to dance to.

It is.

It is also so much more.

Powerful medicine. I compiled a list of tracks to hike to.

Thought I’d share. Will continue to update as I find more.

It’s all good for productivity.

So take a walk, guys.

or destress and jam this when you carry wood (work).

Because like a ball on the bound,

you’ve got to get down, down, down!

Talking Loud and Saying Nothing. 1972. There It Is.

Blind Man Can See It. extended cut. bonus track. Jungle Groove.

Soul Power. 1971. “12 inch long version”

The Good Foot. Pts I & II.
Mind Power. 1973

Cold Sweat. 1967

Bonus points:

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

16 June 1972 (released).

8 November 1971 to 4 February 1972 (recorded)

Side 1

2nd track



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