Watch “Hesperus” on YouTube

Can’t get enough of this band over the last three years.

Hesperus is the Evening Star (Venus in the night sky).

Vesper is his Roman counterpart.

The Greeks thought Hesperus to be half-brother to Phosphorus (aka Eosphorus < see reference and sense as used in discussions of the philosophy of language>).

Phosphorus was the Morning Star (Venus in morning sky).

Hesperus is Phosphorus. A statement of historical and philosophical significance.

Neither are stars but rather both are one planet- Venus.

The Greeks mistook morning Venus for a separate celestial body than that of evening Venus.

This Greek Wandering Star (actually a planet) is the correspondant of the Roman Venus. During the Hellenistic era, Venus and Aphrodite were syncretized into the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation.

Methods: interpretatio graeca, interpretatio romana, nomina alia aliis gentibus.

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