Howl Meta

metathesis: transposition or interchange

metastatis: change and shifting

Metatithemi: interpose; change a meaning

I can, could, and will suppose.

Disposition inclined to supposition,

I suppose.

Labyrinths leading no-where.

Douse the flame?

You better grab your dowsing rod.

Unscreened Skin

Gravity is different by

The Sound.

It pulls heavy and only at

obtuse angles.

Obstinate ampersand obdurate.

Reorientation of the body required.

Leaning forward or back in

pendulous periodicities.

Diabolical hills slanting, paving the path into the noonday sun.

We no longer need wings like Icarus to get

close enough to be burned.

To melt.

Beadlets of perspiration drop into my eyes.

I pretend it stings with the sunscreen

I forgot to put on me.

I am not made-up.

No protection from the ol’ grease-paint.

No quarter from the shade of trees, these days.

Freckles bloomed on my face two days ago.

I catch full-on colo/u/r, now.

An intersection provides me two options:

i) turn 90° and

go horizontal.

ii) climb to-wards the sun.

Y-axis at the point of origin. Straight vertical.

I go up. Higher.

My breath catches-up with the momentum of my stride…..

…… 30 seconds later.

My heart catches my breath

…………60 seconds later……..

I reach the near-top.

False tree-line, per se.

My face suddenly blooms into a rose.

Red. Ruddy.

Like someone made me blush rather too easily.

I relish.

I smell active.

I actively smell

through nasal inhalation

and oral exhalations.

Swallows are Birds

I heard that hard swallow at being told: no, you can’t;

The situation is too volatile.


(It’s okay to be enraged at potentially outrageous situations).

A shot fired. Guns.

A shot snapped. Cameras.

A shot of courage. Liquor.

Vaccinated but not contaminated.

The etymology of the epidemiological epistemology of existentialism.

The dose is the poison.

The poison is the dose.

Salk knew it.

“The dose reveals” says the allegory of Watson & Crick.


Slip tight the switch-blade to its sheath.

The danger is non-corporeal,

ethereal & dark,

and still

celestial light.

I carry naught

but A tad of “go eff yourself,”

caddish Minnesängers,

Mumbling into mics while the audience mouths the words

as they have heard them.

Metaphysical marching soldiers move back

towards Ohio.

Prodigious and prolific would-be prodigies propagating propaganda on the cable programs.

They repeat themselves between commercial breaks.

Ex-pats so fed up they repatriate.

A Brief Attunement

A car sounds like

a breeze.

A sneeze of leaves

through the noses of


A quickly pealing pair of

tiring tyres.

Screeching steeple


Hark or hail.

Who goes there?

Conceal to reveal


Twenty spokes

of the wheel may not

be a’woke;

But, daydreaming


whom you may ride


Tripping your shores of


nor their’s


The center can still hold

or ready, steady, go.

Despite the


ingpen hares.


turn on cloven toes,

split like the tongues of

Snarling snakes.

Smooth as slick.

Bare, like



Aria for the ballerino.

[Dreams of the alpaca hotel by the bay].

[Fables of worm farming, chain letter writers].