A Knecht a’kneeled Before Flame


I repost because The Mueller Report is 448 pages long.

I am under the assumption/impression many H of Reps and Senators were too busy to read the full text.

The difference b/w an undertaking and a death march.

Time cost?

I must be confused.

Watch “Ike & Tina Turner – Proud Mary | 1971” on YouTube

Do not own rights, just paying mad homage.

Many have done Proud Mary but few compare to this reinterpretation.

Creole delta blues babe!

a young frayed quilt

It’s too early to worry on a non-weekday.

But then again what a nonsense thing to say.

Death and the love will come to us all through their own ways and means. Wild, wooly, whether you worry or not.

Ad hoc committees advise authority, argue about accountability, while ignoring the actual execution of manifesting the objects of their words.

Slings of arrows fly while mouths full of slang work tirelessly on the sly.